Friday, January 11, 2013

Total Re-Boot of Laughing Owl

Due to some sustained ill-health and changing my mind on a number of things, I have decided to completely "re-boot" The Laughing Owl blog.

Therefore I've deleted all of the previous posts (and sadly, their comments) and am starting afresh.

This will be a record of my initial attempt at a Solo RPG Dungeon Crawl adventure.  It is very much inspired by John Yorio's "Ever Expanding Dungeon" that can be found on his "Tabletop Diversion" blog starting in December, 2012 . . . (Hint -- use his "dungeon crawl" label to filter out other posts).

For rules, I will be using a slightly modified version of "Labyrinth Lord", a free downloadable version of the original Dungeon & Dragons Basic/Expert rules that have been altered from the original just enough to please lawyers.

Probably the major rule changes that I've made involve spell-casting.
  • Spell casters need not pre-select their spells but may select any that they know from their (admittedly limited) spell/prayer books.
  • Spell casters whose prime requisite is 16 or better can cast one extra first level spell/prayer.
I will also be using slightly altered Experience Charts for character advancement . . . and all twelve characters will start with no experience points.

I should also note that when I GM social RPGs I do not give any experience for treasure . . . it is its own reward . . . but it is pretty hard to award "role-playing" benefits in a solo dungeon crawl but I think that I've come up with a way to avoid giving points for treasure.

The next two posts will outline the Cast of Characters and the Initial Situation . . . and then let the delving begin.

-- Jeff

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