Thursday, January 30, 2014

Delve #06 and Delve #07

#06 Delvers:

  • Norfaz -- male 1st Lvl Fighter -- AC - 4, HP - 11;  War Hammer, Crossbow
  • Dleps -- male 2nd Lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2, HP - 18 down from 20;  Battle Axe
  • Ragnorf -- male 1st Lvl Dwarf -- AC - 4, HP - 10; Mace

Through the prior delves, Dleps the Dwarf had acquired enough experience to make it to second level (note -- all 12 characters started The Laughing Owl quest halfway to second level) so he rolled for more hit points and got a 6 (+3 for CON) giving him a potential for 20 . . . but he still had a couple of points of damage after healing for 18 to begin the day.

 The party decided to return to the northern-most entrance (C) and to start by exploring the doorways in room 9.

The door was stuck and Dleps had to force it open . . . only to discover a rather annoyed Ogre who whacked the dwarf for some 10 points of damage!

To make a short story of a vicious fight, the party eventually bested the Ogre . . . but not before he had hit Dleps for another 7 points and Ragnorf a couple of times for a total of nine.  Norfaz didn't take any damage but did (once again) manage to fumble before he finally landed the killing blow.

However the Ogre's pouch did contain the best treasure yet from the Undercity.  Coins and jewelry worth some 300 gp plus an unknown potion and a scroll containing six 3rd level magic-user spells (2 x Clairvoyance, 1 x Dispel Magic, 1 x Fireball, and 2 x Haste).

So, with no new exploring done but a total of 26 points of damage done to them (none of which was recovered via First Aid), the party returned to The Laughing Owl.


  • two injured -- Dleps (17 damage down to 1); Ragnorf (9 damage down to 1)
  • Ogre slain -- 1
  • treasure found -- 300 gp, 1 unknown potion, scroll of 6 3rd level MU spells
  • rooms mapped -- none


Once again that evening the "bag of beans" was brought out and the nine survivors put their hands into it.  When they withdrew them, the four black beans were held by those who would continue to explore the following three mornings.

Delvers for Delve #07:
  • Fasboo -- female 1st Lvl Cleric; AC - 6; HP - 7; Hammer
  • Lumissa --female 1st Lvl Magic-User; AC - 8; HP - 5; Staff and Dagger
  • Gylvair -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC - 5; HP - 7; Longsword
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC -6; HP - 6; Shortsword
By mutual consent, they decided to explore the hitherto untested Entrance D.

 They quickly came across a four-way intersection with doors to both the north and south.  They continued on to see the corridor bend to the right and then descend sharply (V).

Not wanting to go down to a lower level, they returned and tried the north door, which opened into a small room.  As they entered, five shambling undead began to move toward the party.

Fasboo called upon Athena to turn these abominations and two zombies left by the northeast door . . . leaving three.  While the two Elves were ineffective in the initial round, Lumissa struck one for 6 points of damage (taking 3 hp in return); and although Fasboo had turned two, one of the others hit her for 4 points of damage.

Rounds two and three saw both Fasboo and Lumissa destroying their zombies while the two elves continued to occupy (but not hurt) the remaining zombie until Wyrdrom finally finished it off.

Meanwhile the two ladies bandaged each other but sadly this "first aid" failed to help (two 1s were rolled) so Fasboo used her two Cure Light Wounds spells . . . one healed her back to her full 7 hp, but Lumissa only got 2 hp back to take her up to 4.

They decided not to follow the two zombies who had been turned and instead went to explore the south door.

Room 14 was empty with doors to the west and south.  As they debated which to try, three Goblins (wandering monsters) entered behind them, surprising the delvers.  Poor Fasboo took a fast 6 pts of damage and Wyrdrom took a single point of it.  He got some revenge the following round when he hit his for 6 pts (but took another 3 hits in return).  Gylvair slew one without taking a hit in return . . . then fumbled the following round.

(It sure seems to me that the Delvers fumble a lot . . . and I don't recall if any of their opponents have at all.)

Anyway Lumissa zapped one into the goblin afterlife with a magic missile and Wyrdrom finished off the last one.  First Aid did heal one point of Fasboo's damage but didn't help Wyrdrom . . . so the party decided to call it a day . . . and the Goblins carried the vast sum of some 10 gold pieces . . . not much but better than the zilch that the zombies had.

Delve 7 Results --
  • Net Injuries -- Fasboo 2 hp left; Lumissa 4 hp left; Wyrdrom 2 hp left
  • 5 Zombies overcome -- 3 killed, 2 turned
  • 3 Goblins killed
  • Treasure -- 10 gp (to be spent on 1st aid kits)
  • Rooms mapped -- 2

-- Jeff


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Delve #05 -- Short and Sour

Today's Delvers:

  • Norfaz -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 4, HP - 11 down to 9;  War Hammer, Crossbow
  • Dleps -- male Dwarf lvl 1 -- AC - 2, HP - 11;  Battle Axe
  • Ragnorf -- male Dwarf lvl 1 -- AC - 4, HP - 10 down to 9; Mace

A bit leery of returning to their previous day's delve, they decided to explore the doors in Room #1 (from Entrance "A")

Upon entering Room #1, Norfaz and Ragnorf were attacked by a pair of stirges . . . who fortunately missed . . . but fighter and dwarf did not and the result was two dead stirges.

Opening the far east door, they found a corridor that turned north.  Partway up was an alcove with a door.

Amazingly the door was unlocked and opened silently . . . allowing them to surprise four yellow-skinned goblins.

Rushing in, Dleps and Norfaz each killed one before the goblins could react . . . but Ragnorf must have slipped on something (at least that's what he claimed later) because he went sprawling on his face as his mace slid across the floor . . . (yes, a fumble).

Dleps quickly dispatched one of the two remaining gobbos but Norfaz, going after the last one must have slipped on something (at least that's what he claimed later) because he too took a tumble.  Unfortunately he landed right onto Ragnorf, dealing the dwarf 3 points of damage . . . (yes, another fumble).

Fortunately Dleps finished off the last gobbo.  Then a search of the room and bodies turned up a whopping 10 silver pieces and nothing else of any value . . . and nothing that would have caused Norfaz and Ragnorf to slip . . . rather a disappointing result.

Two other doors  led from the room.  The one to the south looked to lead back to Room #1 and so it proved to do.  The one to the north however seemed promising because they could hear some sort of noise from the other side.

However the door was stuck . . . and in forcing it open they alerted the inhabitants . . . so no surprise, but the Delvers won initiative as a number of big bugs turned from some body-sized lumps on the floor and scurried toward the party.

Dleps' battle axe cleaved one in two but the weapons of Norfaz and Ragnorf bounced off the hard chitin of the beetles' backs.  Unfortunately the return bites of the beetles' hard mandibles all found gaps in the party's armor (note: rolls of 17,19,17) as each of the delvers took damage.

Winning initiative, the party retreated to Room 10 and closed the door.  Taking stock of their injuries, they found the following:

  • Norfaz had 4 hp left of his 11 (i.e., down 7)
  • Dleps had 7 hp left of his 11 (i.e., down 4)
  • Ragnorf had 2 hp left of his 10 (i.e., down 8)

They probably should have left then but decided to open the remaining door in Room #1.  It opened onto a very large room . . . indeed, the far end of it could not be seen . . . but some sort of chanting could be heard.

What could be seen was a zombie . . . a very large zombie.  Dleps gave it a good whack (as both of the others missed) but the zombie seemed unfazed as he slammed the dwarf back with 5 more points of damage just before Ragnorf finished the zombie off.

As the chanting stopped and angry sounds erupted from the dark end of the room, our intrepid (or not) delvers fled the Undercity.


  • three injured -- Norfaz (7 damage); Dleps (9 damage); Ragnorf (8 damage)
  • Goblins slain -- 4
  • Fire Beetles slain -- 1
  • Zombies slain -- 1
  • treasure found -- 10 sp
  • rooms mapped -- 1 (neither #11 nor #12 explored)

Upon dragging themselves back to the inn, they discovered that a merchant was there selling "First Aid Kits" *.   Sperl had already purchased two 5-dose kits (one for herself and another for Fasboo), and Taggert bought a 3-dose kit.

Digging into their previous day's treasure, Dleps bought a 5-dose kit, while Norfaz and Ragnorf each purchased two 3-dose kits.

Since it was too late to use the kits on their injuries, Fasboo used her two Cure Light Wounds spells:
  • she healed Dleps for 7 -- he now has 9 of his 11 back
  • she healed Ragnorf for 6 -- he now has 8 of his 10 back
  • Norfaz still has only 4 of his normal 11 hp

* "First Aid Kits" -- these cost 5 gp for the 3-dose or 8 gp for the 5-dose kits.  These consist of bandages and ointments.  They are not magical or clerical but will if applied immediately after the damage and before any healing spells may heal 1d6-3 hp of damage.  

They are not "stackable" and cannot help heal prior damage . . . only damage just received . . . and, of course, half the time they heal nothing. 

-- Jeff

Saturday, January 25, 2014

(Interlude) -- Re-Numbering the Delves

I have decided to "re-number" the first four delves.  Instead of making them subsets (i.e., a,b,c) of each group and simply numbering them consecutively . . . so I will go back and rename the posts.

-- Jeff

Delve #04

Today's Delvers:
  • Norfaz -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 4, HP - 11;  War Hammer, Crossbow
  • Jangnar -- female Thief lvl 1 --  AC - 7, HP - 6;  Broadsword, Darts
  • Dleps -- male Dwarf lvl 1 -- AC - 2, HP - 11;  Battle Axe
  • Ragnorf -- male Dwarf lvl 1 -- AC - 4, HP - 10; Mace

They had previously decided to try to investigate "Entrance C" and to concentrate on corridors at least for a while.

They came to a four-way intersection with three doors.  At first the tried the western door, but closed it after seeing it (W) descend rather steeply.

Then they tried the eastern door which came to another 4-way . . . with another way down (X), one level and one leading up.

The one going up ended with some loose rubble, which when cleared would became "Entrance E".

They then began exploring corridors (and not opening any doors).  Jangnar's ten-foot pole triggered a pit trap in a corridor which lead to "Entrance F" once more rubble had been cleared.

Amazingly not one "wandering monster" was to appear during all of their exploration . . . so they will probably appear in droves sometime soon.  Anyway after exploring more corridors they decided to backtrack and open some of the doors close to easy exits.

So they listened at the door to Room 8 and heard nothing.  Jangnar did not detect any traps then successfully picked the lock.  There was a large fountain in the center of the room and 5 skeletons who attacked immediately.  These were easily defeated, with Norfaz slaying two and each of the other delvers, one each . . . with only Jangmar taking any damage (and that only a single point).

The room seemed to be bare without any more doors.  The fountain featured a statue of a woman and the water was very clear . . . so they could see coins lying on the bottom of the fountain's pond . . . a whopping 27 silver pieces . . . *sigh*.

Next they opened (well broke down) a door to Room 9.  Unfortunately it had inhabitants . . . five lizardfolk, but the party had initiative and attacked.  Jangmar killed one quickly just as Norfaz and Ragnorf wounded a couple of others, while poor Dleps was the only one who failed to hit.

But Dleps was also the only one who wasn't injured by the lizardfolks' return strikes as Norfaz took 5 points of damage; Ragnorf, 2; and Jangnar, 3 . . . leaving her with only 2 remaining hp.

The delvers won the next initiative and all except Norfaz dealt some severe damage to the scaleskins . . . but then disaster.  Norfaz suffered another 5 pts (leaving him with only one); and then Jangnar's opponent rolled a 20 and the resulting 11 pts of damage killed the girl.

As the fight continued, Norfaz continued to block his opponents and eventually killed him.  Dleps offed another and then the one about to slay Ragnorf after that Dwarf had taken 7 more hp of damage then fumbled and fallen flat at the foot of his opponent, losing his mace as well.

So when the dust settled, Jangnar was dead; Norfaz and Ragnorf were each reduced to a single hp and Dleps was unscathed.  A quick search of the bodies returned a total of 29 gp . . . and the party then fled the dungeon.


  • one dead -- Jangnar killed by Lizardfolk in Room #9
  • two injured -- Norfaz from 11 down to 1; Ragnorf from 10 down to 1
  • Skeletons slain -- 5
  • Lizardfolk slain -- 5
  • treasure found -- 29 gp, 27 sp
  • rooms mapped -- 2 

Upon returning to The Laughing Owl, Fasboo cast a Cure Light Wounds on each of the two wounded . . . rolling "7" each time . . . so Norfaz goes to bed with 8 of his 11 hp & Ragnorf with 8 of his 10 hp . . . and each should gain another back overnight leaving them with 9 each for the next day's delve.

-- Jeff

Friday, January 24, 2014

(Interlude) -- Experience, Crits & Fumbles

Pausing the action for a brief moment . . .

Experience Points

I have never liked giving experience points for treasure.  I've always felt that treasure should be its own reward . . . and I wanted to maintain that with my solo delvers.

So, since their primary goal is to explore and map the Undercity, I decided to give them xp for doing just that.

First of all, I am using my own (highly modified) version of John Yorio's Dungeon Generator.

I give "Party XP" for the following:
  • 25 pts for each card turned to extend corridors or to open rooms
  • 5 pts for each square in an explored room (not one just looked into)
  • Encounter Points as indicated by Labyrinth Lord for encounters
  • 100 pts for each dead Delver (this should have an impact, eh?)
  • zero points for any treasure

I also give "Individual XP" for the following:
  • 10 pts for each point of damage taken
  • Encounter Points for killing creatures
  •  50 points for notable "Personal Stuff" (such as: finding secret door, detecting traps, clever spell use, etc.)

I then divide the "Party XP" by the number of delve survivors and add their share of this to their "Individual XP".  However I don't leave it there.

In my "social games" I have each player vote for how well the other (note: not their own) characters were role-played.  Adding up these votes then results in a percentage multiplier adding to each character's experience.

I can't really do that here . . . but I can use a die roll to simulate it.  I roll two "Low Average" dice (i.e., 6-siders numbered 2,2,3,3,4,5) add them together and divide by two to get each surviving character's "multiplier" . . . which then is applied for each survivor.

Critical Hits

Whenever a "natural 20" is rolled I consider that to be a "critical hit".  For simplicities sake what I'm doing for these first level characters is this . . . I roll twice the number of normal damage dice and apply any adjustment.

Once (or If) the Delvers reach 2nd level this will change to a maximum value of the damage die plus a roll of the second damage die then apply adjustments.


Whenever a "natural 1" is rolled, I consider that to be a "Fumble".  And when there is a fumble something bad will happen.  Depending upon the situation it may be as simple as the character (or attacker) falling down or losing their weapon . . . but it could also result in wounding themselves or one of their friends . . . it all depends upon my vision as to what is taking place . . . but nothing good will be the result.

Now back to the action.  Delve 2a will be posted relatively soon . . . and as a teaser, we will have the third Delver death in just four delves . . . the dozen company members will be reduced to nine.

-- Jeff

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Second "Bag of Beans"

A more somber group of Adventurers gathered to place hands in the "Bag of Beans" that Innkeeper Axel Dirkwood brought forth that night.  Half of the first group had died . . . and their haul of treasure could best be described as "not very much" . . . although both Taggert (scale) and Sperl (studded leather) were able to upgrade their armor a bit.

But the power of the geas held and all ten remaining Delvers found themselves placing their hands in the symbol-encrusted bag.  Once again they were surrounded by a glowing light . . . and once again, upon removing their hands four were found to be holding black beads:
  • Norfaz -- a chainmail-clad Fighter armed with War Hammer and Crossbow
  • Jangnar -- a female Thief armed with Broadsword and Darts but no armor
  • Dlelps -- a plate-clad Dwarf armed with Battle Axe
  • Ragnorf -- a chainmail-clad Dwarf armed with a Mace

So a much more heavily-armored group (excepting Jangnar) but one with no healing or magical resources would enter the Undercity in the morning.  What would become of them is yet to be determined.

-- Jeff

Monday, January 20, 2014

Delve #03 -- Another Death

Today's Delvers:

  • Conrad -- male Cleric lvl 1 -- AC - 7,  HP - 8,   Mace, Hammer
  • Sperl -- female Hobbit lvl 1 --  AC - 5,  HP - 6,   Short Bow, Dagger
  • Taggert -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 6,  HP - 10,   2-Hand Sword, Dagger

On the morning of the third and final day of their exploration of the Undercity . . .  (for that night all would gather to once again dip their hands into the "bag of beans" to see who would be the next to venture beneath the surface) . . . Conrad, Sperl and Taggert did not know what dangers they would endure.

They decided to return to "Entrance B" and explore the passage leading east:

At first they found a cross-corridor that ended in two doors, but chose to continue east.

That corridor then turned north and turned into a steeply sloping passage (Y) headed down . . . so they returned to the intersection.

The north passage turned east and a door.

As Taggert forced the door the group was surprised by a half-dozen unsurprised goblins (three small ones, one medium-sized and two large goblins).

Oh, and did I forget to mention the six spears hurtling their way?

Taggert took a mere scratch (1 hp); but poor Conrad took two hits (16 & 17) for a total of 6 points of damage. 

Unfortunately, as Conrad readied Cure Light Wounds prayer, the goblins won the next initiative and the Cleric of Thor took 5 more damage (on a 19), killing him before he could heal himself.

At the same time, Taggert killed one small gobbo after taking another 3 pts of damage . . . just as Sperl's arrow killed the medium-sized goblin after she took 4 points of damage from another.

The next round (won by the Party) found Taggert and Sperl both wounded and outnumbered four to two . . . so they decided to break off and flee . . . but as they did so Taggert took yet another 4 points of damage.

Fortunately (since they were down to two hit points each) they didn't run into any "wandering monsters" on their way out.

  • one dead -- Conrad killed by goblins in Room #7
  • two injured -- Taggert from 10 to 2; Sperl from 6 to 2
  • goblins slain -- 2
  • treasure found -- none
  • rooms mapped -- 1/2 (#7 not explored)

And so ended the first three-day round of delving.

I was particularly sad to see Conrad fall since he had been a favorite of mine (and the top xp earner in each of the first two delves) . . . but that is the way that the dice roll sometimes.  The goblins rolled exceptionally high and the party didn't do much.

Anyway, we shall soon have our next group of delvers and hopefully they will do better.

-- Jeff

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Delve #02

Today's Delvers:

  • Conrad -- male Cleric lvl 1 -- AC - 7,  HP - 8, Mace, Hammer
  • Sperl -- female Hobbit lvl 1 --  AC - 5,  HP - 6, Short Bow, Dagger
  • Taggert -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 6,  HP - 10, 2-Hand Sword, Dagger

The second morning after the "bag of beans" it was decided, after some discussion to explore one of the other known entrances to Undercity.  They therefore headed for what we will call Entrance "B".

Norfaz (AC-4; HP-11) went with them to provide another fighter . . . but as he tried to enter he became violently ill.  Yet as soon as he turned away from the entrance, he felt fine.  It seems that only the chosen four (or what was left of them) could enter the Undercity until a new foursome was chosen.

Descending toward the east, they once again came upon a 4-way intersection.  This time they chose to try the north branch first.

After forcing the door, they followed a corridor that turned to the left.  Then, after Sperl had passed over it without tripping the trap, Conrad fell into a 10' deep pit . . . taking 2 pts of damage.

Shortly after this, just before they reached a wooden door, Sperl triggered another pit trap and sustained 3 points of damage.  Conrad offered to heal her but she decided to hold off in case it was needed more urgently later on . . . as it turned out it would be.

After listening at the door to room #4 and hearing nothing they tried the door, which was locked.  Eventually Taggert forced it open.

Inside there were a number of smashed up skeletons, some rusty weapons . . . and a trail of blood leading to the door in the northwest, which was ajar.

Muffled sounds of snorting and slurping could be heard.  Sperl knocked an arrow, while Conrad readied his mace and Taggert his greatsword.  They burst through the door to see a number of giant rats feeding on something.  The rats didn't like being disturbed but swarmed toward the fresh food that the party represented.

Sperl's arrow felled one, but the two humans swung too early and missed;  however two of the rats got through Taggert's defenses for 9 points of damage (leaving him with only one hit point)!

Fortunately the party won inititive so Conrad prayed to Thor to heal the doughty Taggert . . . and was rewarded with an 8 hit point heal, bringing Taggert back up to nine hp . . . which almost immediately dropped to 7 hp as the rat who had a 17 last round followed up with an 18 . . . so gaining initiative turned out to be critical.

Sperl's arrow sent another rat to its end; and the following round Taggert and Conrad finished off the rest.

Quickly examining the rat bites, Conrad was pretty sure that they were (fortunately) not diseased.  The body the rats were feeding on appeared to be a lizardman.  After a search the only things of any use on him were a silver torc, a bronze scimitar and some 40 silver pieces.

Not wanting to get too far from the exit given the fact that all three had taken damage, they retraced their steps (carefully avoiding the pit traps) until they were once again in the 4-way intersection.

This time the tried the east door, which revealed a straight corridor as far as their light reached.  They closed the door and tried the one to the south.  The hinges and door latch seemed well-oiled and it opened quietly . . . revealing a very large room in which there was a large table crowded with many beings.

The party eased the door shut and decided to exit while exiting was possible.


  • all three injured -- Conrad from 8 hp to 6; Taggert from 10 to 7; Sperl from 6 to 3
  • giant rats slain -- 4
  • treasure found -- 40 sp; silver Torc (65 gp); and bronze Scimitar  (12 gp)
  • rooms mapped -- 2 1/2 (#6 not explored)

Upon returning to the Inn, Fashoo was once again called upon to help heal the wounded.  As a result both Sperl and Taggert were healed back to full . . . and Conrad should regain one overnight and Fashoo could then heal his remaining injuries tomorrow morning so that the three can make their final foray before the next "bag of beans" drawing.

-- Jeff

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Delve #01

Today's Delvers:
  • Conrad -- male Cleric lvl 1 -- AC - 7,  HP - 8, Mace, Hammer
  • Olaf -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 6,  HP - 10,  Long Sword, Dagger
  • Sperl -- female Hobbit lvl 1 --  AC - 5,  HP - 6, Short Bow, Dagger
  • Taggert -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 6,  HP - 10, 2-Hand Sword, Dagger

Descending via entrance "A", the party came to a four-way intersection with doors on the three other corridors.

Deciding to start with the right hand passage, they forced the door and found some seven yellow-skinned goblins therein.  Six immediately charged the party while the seventh, a large goblin exited the northeast door while yelling something in Goblin to the others.

In the resulting battle, the party managed to slay all six goblins but took too much damage while doing so.  Only Olaf was uninjured.
  • Sperl was reduced to 1 hp until Conrad healed her up to full
  • Taggert had taken 5 points of damage
  • Conrad was down 2 as well

While Olaf guarded the NE door in case more goblins showed up, the party found a total of some 22 gp on the various bodies.  The party should probably have returned to the Inn with such damage . . . but they felt foolish about doing so after opening but a single door.

So, since they didn't want to follow the goblin who had probably gone for reinforcements, nor try one of the other doors in Room 1, they decided to go back and at least take a look at what was on the other side of the other main corridor doors.

Upon opening the middle door, which was unlocked, they saw a set of stairs (Z) descending into the gloom . . . and they didn't care to try a lower level of the Undercity yet.

The left-hand door opened onto a short cross corridor with three doors.  The one to the south opened into a dark room filled with webs and wrapped-up bundles that made the party close the door and leave Room 2 unexplored for now.

The west door opened onto a corridor that appeared to end in a "T" intersection . . . but it was not explored for now, since the party did not want to leave unexplored rooms in their wake.

The north door yielded to force and opened in to a room with a door opposite.  There was a strange scent to Room 3 and there were numerous scales scattered about.  Listening at the other door, resulted in hearing some very sibilant speech in an unknown language . . . and from multiple voices.

This decided that party that they'd explored enough for the day (given their damage) and that discretion would be the better part of valor.

But as they were leaving up toward Entrance A, they were attacked from behind by three large goblins.  More correctly, Olaf (he of 10 hp and no damage) was attacked.  He immediately killed one of them; but Conrad, who turned to help was pierced for 4 points of damage, reducing him to a single hit point.

As Conrad fled the action, Taggert stepped into aid Olaf.  But the next round saw Olaf fumble (a natural 1) and lose his long sword.  Unfortunately the goblin he was facing then got in a "critical hit" (i.e., natural 20) and Olaf took maximum damage (6) plus an additional 1d6.  Fortunately the goblin rolled a 2 so that Olaf survived although reduced to 2 hit points.

Olaf then drew his dagger and lunged at his opponent . . . a rolled another fumble (second straight 1) and tripping over his own feet, fell flat before the goblin, who hit him for 3 points resulting in the first dead delver.

Taggert and Sperl finally killed the last two goblins.  Searching the bodies, they found an additional 11 gp and, carrying Olaf's body they returned to The Laughing Owl.

  • one dead -- Olaf (F1)
  • two injured -- Conrad from 8 hp to 1; Taggert from 10 down to 5
  • goblins slain -- 9
  • treasure found -- 33 gp
  • rooms mapped -- 2 1/2 (#2 not explored)
Upon returning to the Inn, Fashoo (who can throw 2 spells) was able to heal both Conrad and Taggert back to full strength (8 & 6 respectively) . . . so the three remaining delvers will be able to return to the Undercity tomorrow.

-- Jeff

The Bag of Beans

The time had come.  The twelve along with Axel Dirkwood, the Innkeeper were met together for the drawing of beans to determine which four of adventurers would be the first to delve into the Undercity.

Axel brought out a large leather bag embroidered with many magical symbols.  Once again he told them that all twelve were to put their hands in the bag at once.  Each was to grab a bean; then all were to draw their hands out.

They did so -- and once all hands were in the bag, a glowing light enveloped all twelve -- a "geas light" binding them.  They didn't understand how exactly four would draw black beans since there were obviously many hundreds of beads in the bag.  But when they opened their hands there were exactly four who drew black beans.

So in the morning Olaf, Taggert, Conrad and Sperl would select an entrance and venture into the dark unknown.

Two fighters, a cleric and a hobbit . . . which, if any would again see the light of day?  We will have to wait and see.

-- Jeff

Background Information

Arrival at the Laughing Owl

None had more than a few coppers in their purse.  All came from different backgrounds.  None knew any of the others.  Was it chance . . . or design?  Or does it matter?

It was the dark of the moon and all were tired, hungry and thirsty . . . and the lonely inn called "The Laughing Owl" beckoned them in.  All twelve of them.

Strangely there were no locals in the common room; just the innkeeper and his daughter.  Just them.  Twelve strangers.

"Lilith, bar the door and leave us." said the innkeeper. . . . And, after his daughter had done so, he addressed the dozen strangers.

"A Seer prophesied that twelve would arrive on the dark of the moon . . . and here there be twelve of ye.  She paid for food and rooms for ye for the space of thee moons . . . so if ye accept her terms, you can live, eat and drink free of charge for three moons."

"There is danger in the land from strange creatures . . . but the chance for much profit too.  The lands hereabout were once great; but that was long ago.  All that remains are the ruins and the tunnels beneath the land above . . . mere vestiges of the city that was once here."

"If ye twelve accept this quest, ye may keep all that ye find.  Some of ye will become rich; some will probably perish . . . but we all perish in time, do we not?"

The innkeeper then told them of the arrival of a shadowy seer and the quest that she said twelve strangers would take up.  Starting on the third night after the dark of the moon and every three nights after that, the twelve would each draw a bean from a bag that she had provided.  Each time four beans would be black and the rest white.

The four drawing the black beans would then delve into the underground tunnels to  explore and map what they find. The makeup of each such party would be different almost every time . . . but the chosen four must explore and map.

After some discussion, the strangers agreed . . . for none had the means to move on and three months of room and board plus the chance to gain fame and loot were most welcome to them.

The next day Axel Dirkwood (the Innkeeper) took the twelve around to show them various known entrances to the "Undercity".  Currently there are four known entrances . . . but there may well be more.

Axel mentions that no one knows if these entrances connect with each other underground or not.  They may or may not connect . . . and the major part of their task will be to map the areas they explore.

-- Jeff