Saturday, January 18, 2014

Delve #01

Today's Delvers:
  • Conrad -- male Cleric lvl 1 -- AC - 7,  HP - 8, Mace, Hammer
  • Olaf -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 6,  HP - 10,  Long Sword, Dagger
  • Sperl -- female Hobbit lvl 1 --  AC - 5,  HP - 6, Short Bow, Dagger
  • Taggert -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 6,  HP - 10, 2-Hand Sword, Dagger

Descending via entrance "A", the party came to a four-way intersection with doors on the three other corridors.

Deciding to start with the right hand passage, they forced the door and found some seven yellow-skinned goblins therein.  Six immediately charged the party while the seventh, a large goblin exited the northeast door while yelling something in Goblin to the others.

In the resulting battle, the party managed to slay all six goblins but took too much damage while doing so.  Only Olaf was uninjured.
  • Sperl was reduced to 1 hp until Conrad healed her up to full
  • Taggert had taken 5 points of damage
  • Conrad was down 2 as well

While Olaf guarded the NE door in case more goblins showed up, the party found a total of some 22 gp on the various bodies.  The party should probably have returned to the Inn with such damage . . . but they felt foolish about doing so after opening but a single door.

So, since they didn't want to follow the goblin who had probably gone for reinforcements, nor try one of the other doors in Room 1, they decided to go back and at least take a look at what was on the other side of the other main corridor doors.

Upon opening the middle door, which was unlocked, they saw a set of stairs (Z) descending into the gloom . . . and they didn't care to try a lower level of the Undercity yet.

The left-hand door opened onto a short cross corridor with three doors.  The one to the south opened into a dark room filled with webs and wrapped-up bundles that made the party close the door and leave Room 2 unexplored for now.

The west door opened onto a corridor that appeared to end in a "T" intersection . . . but it was not explored for now, since the party did not want to leave unexplored rooms in their wake.

The north door yielded to force and opened in to a room with a door opposite.  There was a strange scent to Room 3 and there were numerous scales scattered about.  Listening at the other door, resulted in hearing some very sibilant speech in an unknown language . . . and from multiple voices.

This decided that party that they'd explored enough for the day (given their damage) and that discretion would be the better part of valor.

But as they were leaving up toward Entrance A, they were attacked from behind by three large goblins.  More correctly, Olaf (he of 10 hp and no damage) was attacked.  He immediately killed one of them; but Conrad, who turned to help was pierced for 4 points of damage, reducing him to a single hit point.

As Conrad fled the action, Taggert stepped into aid Olaf.  But the next round saw Olaf fumble (a natural 1) and lose his long sword.  Unfortunately the goblin he was facing then got in a "critical hit" (i.e., natural 20) and Olaf took maximum damage (6) plus an additional 1d6.  Fortunately the goblin rolled a 2 so that Olaf survived although reduced to 2 hit points.

Olaf then drew his dagger and lunged at his opponent . . . a rolled another fumble (second straight 1) and tripping over his own feet, fell flat before the goblin, who hit him for 3 points resulting in the first dead delver.

Taggert and Sperl finally killed the last two goblins.  Searching the bodies, they found an additional 11 gp and, carrying Olaf's body they returned to The Laughing Owl.

  • one dead -- Olaf (F1)
  • two injured -- Conrad from 8 hp to 1; Taggert from 10 down to 5
  • goblins slain -- 9
  • treasure found -- 33 gp
  • rooms mapped -- 2 1/2 (#2 not explored)
Upon returning to the Inn, Fashoo (who can throw 2 spells) was able to heal both Conrad and Taggert back to full strength (8 & 6 respectively) . . . so the three remaining delvers will be able to return to the Undercity tomorrow.

-- Jeff


  1. Nice report. Seems it went pretty quick. Did it take long to play? What rules are you using?
    Ouch, 2 fumbles in a row! With a natural critical hit by the enemy in between.

  2. Rules are a slightly modified "Labyrinth Lord" . . . which I think I mentioned in one of the earlier posts . . . but I could be mistaken (I'm on pain-killers right now).

    As for how long it took, I don't know . . . but not a long time. Since they were hurt so much in that first room, they weren't interested in getting "stuck in" so they pretty much took quick looks and left it at that.

    -- Jeff