Sunday, January 19, 2014

Delve #02

Today's Delvers:

  • Conrad -- male Cleric lvl 1 -- AC - 7,  HP - 8, Mace, Hammer
  • Sperl -- female Hobbit lvl 1 --  AC - 5,  HP - 6, Short Bow, Dagger
  • Taggert -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 6,  HP - 10, 2-Hand Sword, Dagger

The second morning after the "bag of beans" it was decided, after some discussion to explore one of the other known entrances to Undercity.  They therefore headed for what we will call Entrance "B".

Norfaz (AC-4; HP-11) went with them to provide another fighter . . . but as he tried to enter he became violently ill.  Yet as soon as he turned away from the entrance, he felt fine.  It seems that only the chosen four (or what was left of them) could enter the Undercity until a new foursome was chosen.

Descending toward the east, they once again came upon a 4-way intersection.  This time they chose to try the north branch first.

After forcing the door, they followed a corridor that turned to the left.  Then, after Sperl had passed over it without tripping the trap, Conrad fell into a 10' deep pit . . . taking 2 pts of damage.

Shortly after this, just before they reached a wooden door, Sperl triggered another pit trap and sustained 3 points of damage.  Conrad offered to heal her but she decided to hold off in case it was needed more urgently later on . . . as it turned out it would be.

After listening at the door to room #4 and hearing nothing they tried the door, which was locked.  Eventually Taggert forced it open.

Inside there were a number of smashed up skeletons, some rusty weapons . . . and a trail of blood leading to the door in the northwest, which was ajar.

Muffled sounds of snorting and slurping could be heard.  Sperl knocked an arrow, while Conrad readied his mace and Taggert his greatsword.  They burst through the door to see a number of giant rats feeding on something.  The rats didn't like being disturbed but swarmed toward the fresh food that the party represented.

Sperl's arrow felled one, but the two humans swung too early and missed;  however two of the rats got through Taggert's defenses for 9 points of damage (leaving him with only one hit point)!

Fortunately the party won inititive so Conrad prayed to Thor to heal the doughty Taggert . . . and was rewarded with an 8 hit point heal, bringing Taggert back up to nine hp . . . which almost immediately dropped to 7 hp as the rat who had a 17 last round followed up with an 18 . . . so gaining initiative turned out to be critical.

Sperl's arrow sent another rat to its end; and the following round Taggert and Conrad finished off the rest.

Quickly examining the rat bites, Conrad was pretty sure that they were (fortunately) not diseased.  The body the rats were feeding on appeared to be a lizardman.  After a search the only things of any use on him were a silver torc, a bronze scimitar and some 40 silver pieces.

Not wanting to get too far from the exit given the fact that all three had taken damage, they retraced their steps (carefully avoiding the pit traps) until they were once again in the 4-way intersection.

This time the tried the east door, which revealed a straight corridor as far as their light reached.  They closed the door and tried the one to the south.  The hinges and door latch seemed well-oiled and it opened quietly . . . revealing a very large room in which there was a large table crowded with many beings.

The party eased the door shut and decided to exit while exiting was possible.


  • all three injured -- Conrad from 8 hp to 6; Taggert from 10 to 7; Sperl from 6 to 3
  • giant rats slain -- 4
  • treasure found -- 40 sp; silver Torc (65 gp); and bronze Scimitar  (12 gp)
  • rooms mapped -- 2 1/2 (#6 not explored)

Upon returning to the Inn, Fashoo was once again called upon to help heal the wounded.  As a result both Sperl and Taggert were healed back to full . . . and Conrad should regain one overnight and Fashoo could then heal his remaining injuries tomorrow morning so that the three can make their final foray before the next "bag of beans" drawing.

-- Jeff

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