Sunday, May 25, 2014

Delve #19 and a Dilemma

(note -- I apologize for the two and a half month delay in posting a delve.  My dear wife has been quite ill and in-and-out of the hospital multiple times.  She's doing somewhat better now though so hopefully I will be able to post with more frequency.)

Today's Delvers:

  • Dleps -- male 3rd level Dwarf -- AC-1; HP-29; Battle Axe
  • Fasboo -- female 3rd level Cleric of Athena -- AC-3; HP-18; Hammer
  • Ptaro  -- male 2nd Level Magic-User  --  AC-6; HP-10;  Staff, Dagger, Darts 
  • Bejal  -- female 2nd Level Cleric of Ra  -- AC-5; HP-13;  Staff

The "Bag of Beans" creates a geas that drives the four delvers to enter the Undercity . . . there is no choice about it.  But I'm facing a dilemma because one of the above delvers failed a saving throw and well you'll read about it later . . . .

The party decided to enter via "J" and explore through the door to the east, which opened onto room 51.

There were four Zombies in the room.  The two veterans stepped to the front.  Dleps dealt 7 points of damage with his battle axe but took 8 hits in return.  While Fasboo called upon Athena and turned a pair of the Zombies away.

In round two, Dleps missed the Zombie but managed to knock his sword away (i.e., zombie fumbled).  However Fasboo also missed but took a hit for 7 points in return.

An over-eager Dleps fumbled as he tried to follow-up disarming his opponent and Fasboo took an additional 7 points of hurt.  Meanwhile Ptaro had maneuvered to where he could throw darts . . . but was ineffective with them.

Eventually Dleps took two more points of damage but killed his zombie and Ptaro's darts finished off the last one.

First Aid failed to help Fasboo but Dleps did get one hit back.  Clerical healing brought the Dwarf back to 27 hp (down 2) and Fasboo back to full.

It was turning into a "zombie day" as room 52 contained another 6 Zombies.  Fasboo again turned two as Dleps exchanged 3-point hits with another in the opening round.  In the following round Bejal and Ptaro each slew a zombie while Dleps took another 9 points of hurt (a crit).

Finally Dleps and Bejal finished off the last two zombies and Fasboo began to wonder what was wrong with her hammer (she just kept missing with it).  First aid failed to help Dleps but Bejal was able to heal 6 pts of his damage (leaving him with 21 of his 29).

The delvers had barely entered room 53 and discovered that the foggy room featured a mosaic tiled floor and a large circular pool when they were attacked by a couple of Giant Centipedes.  And while these were eventually slain by Dleps and Bejal, both Ptaro and Bejal suffered bites.  The latter made her save but Ptaro failed his and became violently ill.  So ill that he had to be carried.

As they retraced their steps in order to exit the Undercity, they encountered a trio of Gnolls (wandering monsters).  After a massive 12-round fight (mostly distinguished by missed swings all around), the gnolls were dead.  Dleps killed two and took 16 points of damage; Fasboo killed the third and suffered a dozen points of damage herself.

One of the gnolls killed by Dleps wielded a superior battle axe (+1, +2 vs undead) that the Dwarf took since it seemed to be better than his own . . . and that plus 42 gp in  was their only "treasure" for this day's delve.

The "dilemma" mentioned above is the fact that Ptaro will be too ill to even stand for the next two days, let alone go delving . . . but he will be driven to try by the gaes.

Delve Results:

  • Net Injuries -- Dleps 29-24=5 left; Fasboo 18-12=6 left; Ptaro very ill
  • 4 Zombies turned
  • 6 Zombies killed
  • 2 Giant Centipedes killed
  • 3 Gnolls killed
  • Treasure -- 42 gp and +1/+2 vs undead Battle Axe
  • Rooms Searched -- 2 1/2 (#53 not really searched)

-- Jeff