Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"and then there were seven" -- Delve #15

After learning of the Quest of the "Twelve Delvers" (now down to eight), the blind healer, Agnar, decided to stay on at The Laughing Owl and to minister to the Delvers.

Today's Delvers:

  • Ragnorf  --  male 3rd lvl Dwarf; AC-2; HP- 26-1=> 25; mace
  • Dleps  --  male 2nd lvl Dwarf; AC- 1; HP- 20; battle axe
  • Sperl  --  female 2nd lvl Halfling; AC- 4; HP- 11; short bow, dagger

After obtaining healing, the party decided to return to Entrance E, go past the doors to rooms 32/33 and explore the corridor that turned south.  They then came to a "T" intersection.  The western corridor looked like it might join up with the room with the mysterious glowing statues . . . so the party tried the east door.

It opened easily as the party surprised a half-dozen Orcs apparently gambling (well they were crouched in a circle throwing bones, with a bunch of coins on the floor) . . . so the Dwarves charged and Sperl loosed an arrow, wounding one.

Dleps' battle axe cleaved one in two, although Ragnorf's mace was deflected . . . but when the party won the initiative his next blow killed his orc; and Sperl's second arrow finished off the one she'd wounded.  Unfortunately other orcs hit Dleps for 5 points of damage and Sperl for 6!

But the rest of the fight went the party's way as they finished off the orcs with only Sperl taking any more damage and that only a single point.  First aid was applied and it game the Hobbit a bit of relief (one hp back) although it did nothing noticeable for Dleps.  The coins the orcs were gambling over were mostly small stuff . . . but they amounted to some 8 gp in value.  In addition, Sperl picked up a rune-covered dagger that she liked the looks of.

Proceeding through the south door, the next room (#36) was empty of occupants . . . but the floor was a huge mosaic depicting Lizardfolk apparently torturing Goblins.  In addition there was a great bell hanging from the ceiling and the wall appeared to be dripping blood.

 Exiting through the western door, the delvers found a long corridor that ended in a "T" with doors both north and south.  Opting for the north door, they surprised more orcs . . . five of them, but quickly only four as Sperl put an arrow where it would do the most good.

Oh oh . . . one of the orcs (who won initiative) appeared to be casting some sort of spell. . . . fortunately it had no effect (the Hobbit and both Dwarves made their saving throws vs Sleep).

The party fended off the orcs physical attacks with Ragnorf killing one only to take 5 points of damage from a Magic Missile (that orc magic-user wasn't nice).  Sperl thought that she missed with her new dagger, but the orc seemed to die anyway just as Dleps killed the last orc fighter.  The magic-user pulled a scroll but Sperl's thrown dagger took him in the throat before he could read it.

First aid gave Ragnorf one hit back; and the orc magician had two scrolls and 19 gp while the rest had a total of 8 gp amongst them.  Both scrolls were in orcish, which Sperl can read fairly well (at level 9).  She tells the party that the one he'd pulled was Invisibility and the other is Lightning Bolt. 

They then tried the north door (room 38) but closed it when they saw a swarm of Stirges . . . so they then proceeded south to the door that opened only room 39.  It contained a trio of Zombies.

Dleps hit one for 8 and Sperl another for 3.  The following round Ragnorf got a hit on the third for 3 points and Sperl's dagger did an additional 5 to hers, but Dleps slipped and fell (a fumble) and took a couple of points of damage.

Then Dleps hit his for another 5 but took an 8-point hit in return.  Sperl killed hers and Dleps managed to regain his feet.  Eventually the Dwarves took care of the last two.  After first aid, the party took stock.  Dleps had 14 hp left, Ragnorf 13 and Sperl only 5 . . . so they decided to head back.

When the got to the mosaic room, the bell started to chime so they hurried through the door to room 35 right into an orc ambush.  While technically wandering monsters, the orcs surprised the party completely (and indeed then won initiative every single round of combat)

Dleps took two hits for a total of 5 points before he could even muster a miss with his battle axe.  Ragnorf suffered but a single hit before killing his orc and Sperl hit hers for 4 points (seemingly a bit more damage than she expected)

The following round was nasty.  Ragnorf took another 6-point his and Sperl got hit for 5 as well . . . dropping her.  Then Ragnorf got hit for 4 and Dleps for six before both managed to kill their attackers.  Then Dleps took another hit for two . . . and finally they finished off the last two orcs.

Sperl was dead.  Ragnorf down to 2 hp and Dleps to a single hit point . . . and they still had a long way to go (and the bell behind them was still chiming).  What was their reward?  A measly 8 gp . . . but first aid did bring Ragnorf up to 5 hp.

It was time to boogie.  Carrying Sperl's body with them, the dwarves successfully survived a number of "wandering monster" tests and made it safely, if sorrowfully, back to The Laughing Owl.

Delve Results:
  • Party member killed -- Sperl
  • Injured party members -- Ragnorf 5 left of his 26; Dleps 1 left of his 20
  • 16 Orcs slain (one a mage)
  • 3 Zombies destroyed
  • 8 Stirges avoided
  • Treasure -- 43 gp, 2 scrolls in orcish (Invisibility & Lightning Bolt), +1 dagger (also, but unknown, +2 vs "bugs")  

-- Jeff

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Delve #14 -- with a Surprise!

Today's Delvers:
  • Ragnorf  --  male 3rd lvl Dwarf; AC-2; HP- 26-4=> 22; mace
  • Dleps  --  male 2nd lvl Dwarf; AC- 1; HP- 20; battle axe
  • Sperl  --  female 2nd lvl Halfling; AC- 4; HP- 11; short bow, dagger

Fashoo used all of her healing powers for the day to get Sperl and Ragnorf back up to reasonable healthy levels.  The party then decided to use entrance E and explore some of the doors that had not previously been opened.

 The first door they tried was on the north wall of the side passage.  It opened in to a very short passage to another door which opened out.

It was impossible to open the second door unless the first was closed.  So the party closed it and squeezed against it before opening the door to Room 32 . . .

. . . which contained 5 animated Skeletons, who attacked when the delvers entered their long narrow room.

Without getting into the details, the party managed to destroy the undead over five rounds of combat, with Dleps getting three kills and Sperl and Ragnorf one each.  Dleps took a single point of damage (which first aid failed to fix) and Ragnorf 3 hp (which first aid fixed completely . . . go figure, eh?).  After a thorough search of the room, the only item of apparent value was a milky green stone broach (jade -- value 190 gp).

However, upon leaving this double-doored room they were surprised in the corridor by a pair of Lizardfolk waiting in ambush (i.e., wandering monsters attracted by the battle sounds)

Fortunately (aided by a fumbled attack by one of the scaleskins) the party was able to slay them without suffering any damage in return.  A total of 12 gp value of coins was found in their purses.

Next they forced open the door to room 33.  It was large and smelled of Lizardfolk.  And against the west wall an old man was chained to the wall.  As they got closer they could see that the man was blind . . . his eyes having been gouged out.  One was an old wound and the other obviously recent.

Sperl remarked, "Poor fellow""Who's there?", he responded.  "Beware.  The lizards just left.  They'll be back to torture me again before long.  Save yourselves."

"If you mean the two who just tried to ambush us, you may thank Thor that they will not worry you any more.", answered Dleps.

"Odin be praised.  You follow the Norse religion then.  A Dwarf if I hear you aright.  I am Agnar, a cleric of Odin," responded the old man.  "I beg you to release me from my torment."

"Fear not, Father Agnar,"  Ragnorf chimed in.  "We will have you free from your chains soon." . . . a task which was soon accomplished.

They asked him what he knew of the Undercity and he told them "Nothing".  His village had been attacked by marauding orcs and all slain or taken into slavery (as he had been).

One of his eyes had been taken as part of his consecration to Odin, but the orcs gouged out the other to keep him from seeing them and aiming curses at them.  "I would have perished by those few remaining members of my flock need what little 'laying on of hands' I could do for them."

They had traveled for many days as the orcs raided and traded.  Then some days ago they had traded him to the Lizardfolk and he'd been chained to the wall ever since.

Aside from Agnar, there seemed to be nothing of value in the room.  They speculated from their maps that the east door might open onto the corridor already mapped and they were correct.

Perhaps they should have left at this point, but they were still in excellent shape and there was a door here that might have treasures on the other side . . . so they instructed Agnar to fall back if he heard fighting and opened the door to Room 34.

BUGS!  Huge beetles with glowing red lights attacked them.  Ragnorf thought his Chainmail would be proof against mere bugs.  He was wrong.  In the first two rounds of battle he took 5 and 8 points of damage, then 7 more (as did Sperl) when the party turned to run, slamming the door shut behind them, thus trapping the Fire Beetles.

For once First Aid was effective (I rolled two 6s) and when Agnar was able to throw a Cure Light Wounds on Sperl and Ragnorf (for 4 and 5 hp respectively), the party was a bit healthier . . . but decided it was very much time to leave.

However on the way out they encountered a pair of Hobgoblins (wandering monsters) and in the ensuing combat, Sperl took two hits (for 6 and 4 damage) and first aid only helped to regain one back (and a less-than-princely 1 gp).


  • injured -- Sperl 2 from 11; Ragnorf 10 from 26; Dleps 19 from 20
  • 5 Skeletons "destroyed" (they were already dead remember)
  • 2 Lizardfolk killed
  • 1 Fire Beetle killed
  • 2 Hobgoblins killed
  • Agnar rescued -- blind 2nd level Cleric of Odin rescued (AC-9, HP - 6; 2 spells/day -- CLW, Detect Magic, Light, Purify Food & Drink)
  • Treasure -- 203 gp value -- 13 in coin and one jade broach
  • Rooms Explored --  2 only (#33 not explored)

-- Jeff

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Delver Dies in 13th Descent

And then there were eight . . .

Delvers for 13th Delve:
  • Dleps -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf; AC- 1; HP- 20; battle axe
  • Ragnorf * -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf; AC-2; HP- 20-1=> 19; mace
  • Lumissa -- female 1st lvl Magic-User; AC- 8=> 7 *; HP- 5; staff; (magic missile, shield, floating disc)
  • Sperl -- female 1st lvl Halfling; AC- 4; HP- 6; short bow, dagger
*  Fashoo had used two CLWs on Ragnorf to get him close to full
and Lumissa was wearing the +1 silver torc that Taggert loaned her

 Although Entrance H with a return to Room 7 was mentioned as a possibility, most felt that Entrance C and exploring the doors in Room 9 would be the best option.  So, despite Lumissa's qualms about entering the room where Jangnar was killed, they decided to go that way.

As it turned out, Room 9 was empty.  The south door lead to a door which opened onto a dark room with three glowing statues . . . and the party decided to close the door and try another way.

The west door opened onto a long corridor with several branches.  The first of these led to another way down (R) so again the party backtracked . . . only to be surprised by a pair of Stirges (wandering monsters).

Dleps was hit by one for a couple of points of damage, but eventually killed them both . . . and first aid again failed to help.

Moving on they came to a four-way intersection.  The way to the north bent out of sight and that to the west ended in a "T" intersection . . . the to south there was a door.  It opened easily and revealed two Gnolls, who hurled hand-axes.

Dleps took a solid hit for 7 points and Lumissa was sure that she was about to be hit . . . but at the last moment the axe veered away . . . it must be the silver torc that Taggert had loaned her.

Both dwarves attacked the larger Gnoll but Dleps missed and Ragnorf fumbled as Sperl's arrow slew the small Gnoll.  The fight continued for a few rounds before Dleps finally finished the remaining one off.

And (surprise) Dleps did receive one point of healing from first aid.  As Sperl searched the bodies she located 8 gp in coins and a garnet worth perhaps 75 gp . . . a fortuitous start treasure-wise.

There were two other doors in the room (30) and the party chose to investigate the south door first.  The room appeared empty, but once they were in it, they were surprised by six (previously invisible) Skeletons.

Ragnorf was hit for 1 hp; Dleps for 4; and Lumissa for 1.  As the fight continued, first Ragnorf killed one, then Sperl and Dleps.  Lumissa threw a weak Magic Missile which only did 2 hp and took another 1 point hit in return.  Only three boney boys left, then two as Dleps offed another . . . but Lumissa was hit a third time . . . and unlike the first two times, the skeleton didn't roll a one, but a five and the Magic-User was dead.

Sperl and Ragnorf took more hits (for 1 and 3) before Dleps finished off the rest of the skeletons.  First aid didn't help Ragnorf; but Dleps got 3 and Sperl 2 points back.  The only treasure worth taking was the skeleton leader's shortsword which was suspected to be special.

Due to Lumissa's death and their damaged status, the Delver's decided to return to the surface.  Dleps picked up Lumissa's body and they returned to . . .

Room 9, which was now occupied by an Ogre . . . (hmm, there was an Ogre in here Delve 6, wasn't there?), and he didn't seem disposed to let them pass . . . but he missed his surprise attack.

While Dleps set Lumissa down and Sperl manuevered to use her short bow, Ragnorf charged the ogre (and missed), taking a single point of damage in return.  He could do that all day he thought . . . but the next blow hit him for 10 points of damage (ouch!)

Dleps got in a hit for 7 but took 3 in return; Sperl broke her bowstring (yup, another fumble) and Ragnorf managed a hit for 4 more before Dleps got a critical hit on the baddie for 9 more points, felling him.

As they exited the Undercity, they heard orc voices behind them . . . it is a good thing that they didn't delay any longer.

  • 1 dead -- Lumissa in Room 31
  • 2 injured -- Ragnorf down to 4 and Dleps down to 11
  • 2 Stirges killed
  • 2 Gnolls killed
  • 6 Skeletons "killed" (hey they were already dead)
  • 1 Ogre killed
  • Treasure -- 484 gp value and +1 Short Sword
  • Rooms Explored --  2 only (#29 not entered)

  • Sperl made second level and rolled a "5" to give her 11 hp
  • Ragnorf made third level and rolled a "4" to make 26 hp (-16 dmg)
  • Dleps healed for 4 pts giving him 15 of his 20 hp
  • Lumissa's unknown ring given to Sperl
  • +1 torc given to Fashoo lowering her AC to 3
  • +1 short sword given to Wyrdrom
  • Norf now has 11 pts of damage
  • Gylvair now has 4 pts of damage

-- Jeff

Thursday, February 13, 2014

5th Bag o' Beans, a New Challenge & Magic?

That evening the delvers met for the fifth time to draw beans from the Seer's rune-bag.  When their hands were opened it was obvious that Ragnorf would not have any recuperation time for once again he held a black bean.  The new party would contain:
  • Ragnorf -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf; AC-2; HP- 20-12=> 8; mace
  • Dleps -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf; AC- 1; HP- 20; battle axe
  • Sperl -- female 1st lvl Halfling; AC- 4; HP- 6; short bow, dagger
  • Lumissa -- female 1st lvl Magic-User; AC- 8; HP- 5; staff; (magic missile, shield, floating disc)

 In all likelihood Fasboo would be able to heal Ragnorf up to at least close to his normal hit points before the party entered the Undercity once again.  But first they had to determine where they would go . . . Can You Help?    

This is another invitation for you to suggest where this new party should go.  Remember that it contains two rather weak 1st level members (both of whom are quite close to going up to level two) . . . so you might want to suggest something that looks easy for the first delve, then perhaps a more adventurous one for their second delve.  Here is a map of what's been explored so far:

But had you forgotten that there were a number of items that needed to be tested for magic?
  • 5 scrolls
  • 10 potions
  • silver torc
  • copper bracelet

So Wyrdrom cast Detect Magic on this hoard.  The only items to glow were one potion and the silver torc . . . but the copper bracelet was of interest as well.  Fasboo commented that many felt that copper chain bracelets such as the one taken from the bugbear aided in healing.*

( * note:  my father wore one and swore that it helped his arthritis . . . so I'm going to give this a 1d6-5 per day of non-magical healing . . . so it will heal one point if a six is rolled.)

Wyrdrom guessed (correctly as it turned out) that the torc was a +1 item of protection . . . but the potion could be just about anything (I will roll for this once anyone drinks it).

As for the "scrolls", they were Hobgoblin cookbooks:
  • Thirty Five ways to serve Hobbits
  • Favorite Elf Kabob Recipes
  • Dwarfburgers and Other Treats
  • How to Cook Orcs and Humans
  • Just Desserts -- Serving up your Enemies

And most of the potions smelled like various seasonings or reductions . . . not anything any right-thinking being wanted to taste.

So now it is time for you to suggest where Dleps, Ragnorf, Sperl and Lumissa should venture.  Please leave your suggestions in a comment.

-- Jeff

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Delve #12 -- Much Exploration

Today's Delvers:
  • Taggert -- 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 4; HP - 13-1 = 12; 2-hand sword
  • Norfaz -- 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 2;  HP - 22-13 = 9; war hammer & crossbow
  • Gylvair -- 2nd lvl Elf; AC - 4; HP - 13-6 = 7; longsword  (sleep & magic missile)
  • Ragnorf -- 2nd lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2;  HP - 20-12 = 8;  mace

After the disastrous Delve 11, a night's sleep had restored 1 hp to each party member and Fasboo did all she could when she cast CLWs on the three most injured (Taggert +7, Norfaz +4, Ragnorf +5) but the four delvers remained 32 hp down from being fully healthy.

Gylvair apologized to them for not using her sleep spell in what looked-like easy encounters (which turned out to be nasty ones) and promised to be "quick on the trigger" with it today.

They then got their heads together looking for a relatively quick in-and-out delve since they were hurting so much.  After very little debate they decided on Entrance C and exploring Room 6 (which had had a large group of something in it when the first delvers had peeked in on Delve 2 ten days before).

At the door they could hear voices so Gylvair prepared his spell . . . and as the door opened cast it on a group of five Hobgoblins.

Three dropped (two made their saves) but the others charged the party . . . but after a brief exchange of blows, Taggert and Norfaz each felled one (and the others were dispatched while sleeping . . . hey, nobody likes hobgoblins . . . not even their mothers, eh?).

The bodies only yielded 6 gp, but among the various goblets, plates, mugs and dishes in the various cupboards, the delvers found 5 scroll cases and 6 potions . . . all of which would be tested for magic later. 

There were three other doors in Room 6; two on the east wall and one to the south.  The northernmost one on the east wall revealed a corridor that turned north ending in a door that opened onto what looked like a storage room (#26) and two animating oddly-shaped Skeletons.

One skeleton went for Norfaz but fell down (fumbled) even as the Fighter missed him; the other missed Taggert, who whacked it for 6 pts of damage.  But in doing so, Taggert lost his sword and fell down (i.e., fumbled his next swing), while Gylvair offed the one on the ground, then immediately fell down too (i.e., fumbled his next roll as well).

Eventually the last skeleton was finished off by Ragnorf, who then dropped his mace (deliberately) in case there was some sort of a curse with these skeletons since the two who hit them both fumbled right after they did so.  A search of the room garnered four more possible potions . . . again to be tested for magic later.

Returning to Room 6, the other east door opened to a set of stairs leading down (S).  Closing it they moved to the south door which opened onto a large room that was obviously a kitchen of some sort.  It was unoccupied but had four further doors leading from it . . . two each on the east and south walls.

The first of these opened onto Room 27 (an obvious bunk room) which contained 5 Goblins.  Gylvair cast sleep and again three went down (only rolled 4 on 2d8 and one saved), leaving two who Taggert and Norfaz offed without taking any damage.  They had a total of 2 gp.  There was one other door, which when opened revealed corridor which branched at about the end of visibility.

They closed the door and moved to the other east door.  Opening on Room 28 they disturbed a Shrieker, which Norfaz killed.  However the alarm had been given so they backtracked toward the main entrance.

Still they were uninjured so they decided to explore a bit further and discovered the stairs up to Entrance H.  With this easy escape they decided to take a peek into Room 7.  It contained seven small Goblins (all seven had either 1 or 2 hp), which Gylvair's last spell instantly silenced.  A search of their bodies resulted in small coins adding up to a single gp's worth.

It being time to exit since Gylvair's spells were gone, they headed for exit H . . . and ran smack into three Bugbears (wandering monsters who had come up from Y attracted by the Shrieker).

Gylvair took 6 points of damage before Norfaz killed one of them (and fumbled his next attack . . . is there a curse?).  Eventually the other two were slain without further injury.  First aid was applied to Gylvair and amazingly he got two hp back. 

The bugbear corpses yielded 15 gp, a silver torc and a copper bracelet.  They had explored six rooms and taken minimal damage (for once), so they were happy to return to The Laughing Owl to await that evening's "Bag of Beans" which would determine if any of them would be delving during the next three days.

Delve 12 results:
  • New Injuries -- Gylvair down to 1hp and back to 3 of his normal 13
  • 5 Hobgoblins killed
  • 2 Skeletons killed
  • 12 Goblins killed 
  • 3 Bugbears killed
  • Treasure -- 24 gp, silver torc, copper bracelet, 5 scrolls, 10 potions
  • Rooms mapped -- 6

 -- Jeff

Monday, February 10, 2014

Delve #11 -- Ouch!

The Delvers:
  • Ragnorf -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2;  HP - 20;  mace
  • Norfaz -- male 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 2;  HP - 22-4 = 18; war hammer & crossbow
  • Gylvair -- male 2nd lvl Elf; AC - 4; HP - 13; longsword  (sleep & magic missile)
  • Taggert -- male 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 4; HP - 13; 2-hand sword

Using her resmaining healing yesterday and ALL of her healing today (so there won't be any healing tonight) Fasboo managed to get Ragnorf back to full but not Norfaz (who is still down 4 hp).

Ragnorf in particular did not feel like returning to Entrance A . . . and Gylvair was able to talk them into investigating Entrance G . . . so that is where they went.

Room 16 was empty so they proceeded on to room 17 where they encountered 4 of the Lizardfolk.  The scaleskins didn't attack right away but instead addressed the group in a language that none of them understood.

[Note:  All four delvers knew Common and Dwarvish but the only other languages between them were Gnoll (by Norfaz), Latin (by Taggert), Hobgoblin (by Ragnorf) and Greek and Taltish (by Gylvair).]

Norfaz replied first in Common, then in Gnoll, neither of which the Lizardfolk seemed to understand.  Then the others tried different languages until Ragnorf addressed them in Hobgoblin . . . at which point the scaleskins attacked (unsuccessfully).  The party replied (it was one on one) with Norfaz getting a kill and Gylvair's Longsword carving 7 hp from his opponent.

But the following round both Gylvair and Taggert's opponents landed critical hits on the delvers, doing 7 and 8 hp respectively.  Fortunately Gylvair was able to kill his Lizard with a return crit and Taggert did enough damage to off his as well.  The following round Norfaz finished off the last one.

As I've come to expect, the attempts at first aid healed nothing (two 3s were rolled).  A search of the bodies resulted in a whopping 17 gp.

First trying the southernmost western door, they discovered a corridor that eventually turned south (after an arrow trap gave Ragnorf a single hit), where they could see a four-way intersection.  They decided not to get too far from the exit so they returned to Room 17 and tried the other western door.  It eventually turned north and ended in a door.

Returning to the room they opened the north door, which revealed a steeply sloping corridor headed down.  Closing this, they left room 17 and proceeded north along the corridor to the eastern door which opened onto a small room with a couple of Zombies who staggered toward the party.  These should have been easy to kill but Ragnorf took 14 points of damage before killing his and a "crit" by the other Zombie dealt 8 damage to Norfaz before he bested his. . . . (and you guessed it, the first aid rolls were both 1s, so no relief there).

The Zombies had no treasure of course, but a search of the room found a hiding spot in the wall that contained a star sapphire worth about 200 gp.  They had taken far more damage than they should have in both fights so they decided to call it a day.

As they came to the stairs up to the G entrance a flight of 6 Stirges (wandering monsters) zoomed down and attacked the party.  There dice were very good (and they won every initiative) so that by the time the delvers had killed them, the party was in very sad shape:
  • Ragnorf had 1 hp left
  • Norfaz had 3 hp left
  • Gylvair had 6 hp left
  • Taggert had 2 hp left

And wonder of wonder, first aid restored one hp each to both Ragnorf and Norfaz as well as two hp to Taggert.

Delve 11 Results:
  • Net Injuries -- Ragnorf 20 - 18 = 2; Norfaz 22 - 18 = 4; Gylvair 13 - 7 = 6; and Taggert 13 - 9 = 4
  • 4 Lizardfolk killed
  • 2 Zombies killed
  • 6 Sturges killed
  • Treasure -- 17 gp & 200 gp star sapphire
  • Rooms mapped -- 1

-- Jeff

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Delve #10

(Note:  a change in the listing of characters.  Previously they have been listed in the order rolled . . . Now they are listed in initial "marching order".)

Delvers for Delve #10:
  • Ragnorf -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2;  HP - 20;  mace
  • Norfaz -- male 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 2;  HP - 22; war hammer & crossbow
  • Gylvair -- male 1st lvl Elf; AC - 4; HP - 7; longsword  (sleep & magic missile)
  • Taggert -- male 1st lvl Fighter -- AC - 4; HP - 10; 2-hand sword

Prior to their delve, Fasboo had to cast a CLW (cure light wounds) on Gylvair to bring him up to full health.

Also the Delvers discussed how they were going  to deal with the "spider web" room.  They planned to use a torch bound to the end of a 10' pole Taggert would use to burn the web.  Norfaz would have his crossbow ready; Gylvair would have his mirror on a pole end to scan the ceiling from outside the room and would be available to cast a spell; while Ragnorf would be ready with mace and shield.

But when they got to Room 2, the door was open, the webs were gone and the room was totally clean . . . spotless, like it had been scrubbed from ceiling to floor . . . not even any dust!  Obviously the room had been cleansed during the nine days since they had last looked into it.

The Undercity obviously had its own secrets.

Proceeding west, the "T" intersection ended in a pair of doors.  Choosing the south door, they found Room 21 to be empty . . . but with a door in the southwest corner.  Proceeding through it they found a short corridor that turned north . . . but just before the corner, Ragnorf triggered an arrow trap (taking 2 points of damage)

Forcing the door to Room 22, they faced 3 Goblins (who won initiative and peppered the party with spears before they could close).  Ragnorf suffered 4 hits and Norfaz 5 before they closed on and killed their attackers (Ragnorf rolled a "crit" on a gobbo with only one hp . . . brutal overkill), as Taggert finished off the third yellow-skin.

A search of the bodies resulted in a surprisingly good 6 gp . . . Goblins normally didn't have much.  The room itself was filthy with goblin detritus.  It also had a door that opened onto a corridor that went north with a branch east part way up.

(Note:  First Aid managed to restore one of Ragnorf's hit points, but failed with Norfaz.  Indeed by the end of this delve, since the group had access to First Aid Kits, they use them 19 times with only 5 successes . . . with average rolls, that should have been 9 1/2 successes; with the total number of hits restored an expected 19 instead of the actual 9.  This is rough given that the Delvers have only a single second-level Cleric available for healing.)

However they decided they wanted to be closer to the exit . . . so instead of investigating the corridor they backtracked to try the door north of Room 21. 

They opened the door to find more Goblins (who once again won initiative and hurled spears).  Ragnorf took a crit for 7 points of damage and Norfaz was hit for 3 hp . . . in return, Gylvair was the only one to kill his opponent.

The gobbos held the initiative but failed to connect, while Gylvair's longsword and Taggert's big two-hander finished off two more goblins.  But the following round, with only three left, Ragnorf suffered yet another critical hit.  Prior to this he was down to just 8 hp so any above average roll by the goblin would kill him . . . (I am simply doubling the normal dice for a crit at this point) . . . the bones were rolled and a six popped up on one while the other spun on a corner and ended up with a "1" . . . the Dwarf was down to a single hit point (and still alive thanks to that earlier 1st aid roll . . . and yes, first aid failed on both Ragnorf and Norfaz once again)

He collapsed against the east wall while the party found 9 gp worth of coins on the dead goblins.  But as he leaned against the wall, he felt something amiss . . . and so investigating he discovered a secret door.

A look at the map showed that it was likely to connect to Room 3 . . . and so it did.  The secret door slid silently to the side and there was a short alcove that had a peephole view into Room 3, which showed 5 orcs lounging around.  After a brief discussion, they decided that Gylvair would attempt a sleep spell on the orcs to be followed up by the two healthy fighters and Ragnorf in the rear.

The door slid silently open and Gylvair's spell dropped all five orcs (who were then easily slain).  The net result of a search was 7 gp and a lovely shield made out of a smokey crystal.

The Delvers were satisfied with their day and decided to leave the Undercity and get Ragnorf and Norfaz some much-needed healing.  But as they were headed up the stairs to the A exit, the door to Z opened to reveal three Ghouls.

Gylvair was in the rear.  He yelled for the others to run and turned to hurl a magic missile at the lead Ghoul . . . but while he hurt it , he did take a hit in return for 3 points . . . but fortunately Elves don't have to save vs ghoul attacks.  And winning initiative for the second round, Gylvair fled up the stairs.

The wounded Ghoul followed only to take a crossbow bolt fired by Norfaz . . . and whether it was that or the bright sunlight or even the hand gestures by Gylvair (as if he was readying another spell), who knows . . . but the ghouls did not pursue the Delvers . . . and as if wonders will never cease, first aid even restored 2 of Gylvair's hits.

However the Crystal Shield was gone . . . Taggert, who had been carrying it, said that when he reached the sunlight, it turned into smoke and blew away.  He was shaken by this and didn't know if he'd somehow been cursed or harmed by it.  And if he was, how they could find out about it or help him.

Delve 9 Results --

  • Net Injuries -- Ragnorf 20 - 19 = 1; Norfaz 22 - 10 = 12; Gylvair 7 - 1 = 6
  • 9 Goblins killed
  • 5 Orcs killed
  • 3 Ghouls eluded
  • Treasure -- 22 gp & Crystal Shield that turned to smoke
  • Rooms mapped -- 3

-- Jeff

Friday, February 7, 2014

"Bag of Beans" & Some Background Workings

The nine surviving Delvers gathered that evening for the new "Bag of Beans" that would determine who would delve in the morning. 

Once again all of their hands went into the rune-covered bag.  Once again a weird light encompassed them.  And when their hands were withdrawn there were five with white beans and four with black.  The new delvers were:
  • Ragnorf -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2;  HP - 20;  mace
  • Norfaz -- male 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 2;  HP - 20; war hammer & crossbow
  • Gylvair -- male 1st lvl Elf; AC - 4; HP - 7; longsword  (sleep & magic missile)
  • Taggert -- male 1st lvl Fighter -- AC - 4; HP - 10; 2-hand sword

<==== Background ====>

 Then there proceeded a discussion of all nine delvers as to where they should go next . . . and the following plans were advanced by various delvers:
  1. Enter B and head to the Y corridor down
  2. Enter A and investigate Rm 2 (spider webs), then the "T" corridor
  3. Enter A and explore to the northeast
  4. Enter D and explore north of Rm 20
  5. Enter C and explore fountain in Rm 8
  6. Enter their newly discovered entrance G and explore the doors in the corridor north of Rm 16 and those in Rm 17 . . . and still be close to an escape entrance.

Of the "new" Delvers . . .
  • Taggert was the only one to use B and he does not like idea #1
  • Ragnorf & Norfaz have been through C
  • Ragnorf, Norfaz & Taggert have all been through Entrance A
  • Gylvair is the only one to use Entrance D and see Entrance G

Fasboo (a cleric of Athena) is very interested in the fountain in Room 8 since it sounds like it might be a depiction of her goddess . . . but she is reminded that the geas they are under won't permit her to enter the Undercity until she draws a black bean . . . so the party decides to leave that entrance until Fasboo can go.

No one feels good about going down to a lower level yet . . . not with so much left to explore yet on the current level.  So entrance B is also on hold for now.

Which leaves entrances A and D.

Gylvair is the only one who has been in the "D complex" and still has wounds left from their near-fatal encounter earlier that day.  He would much rather go somewhere else . . . including G (which is fairly well separated from the D rooms).

That leaves G and two options for Entrance A -- east or west? 

I ended up deciding that:
  • Ragnorf and Norfaz preferred "A east"
  • Taggert preferred "A west"
  • Gylvair preferred "G"

I then took the Charisma score of each, doubled them and added each one's "plusses" (if any) for INT and WIS, (and added one to each they totalled 100) so ended up with the following percentages:
  • Ragnorf -- 21% and
  • Norfaz -- 27% = 1-48% for A east
  • Taggert -- 28% = 49-76% for A west
  • Gylvair -- 24% = 77-100% for G

And let them argue their cases, trying to persuade the others.  I did this by rolling percentile dice . . . and got . . . 62% . . . which means they've decided to check out Entrance A and turn west.

-- Jeff

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

(Interlude) A Challenge for Followers

Since I just posted Delve #09 last night, I have now finished the first three "sets" of delves.  Each of the original twelve has drawn a black bean . . . and now a new round begins . . .

And I'm asking all of you who read this blog to suggest where you think the new group of delvers should explore.  Here are images of what has been explored so far:

from the SOUTH

from the WEST

from the NORTH

from the EAST

Question marks in rooms indicate that while the room may or may not have been entered, it has not been explored or searched.  Question marks in or around corridors mean that they have not been explored or were beyond visible distance.

Yellow circled red letters indicate surface entrances.  Grey corridors indicate slopes or stairs.  Those with blue letters indicate those sloping down to a lower level.  Rose circles indicate known traps.  And, of course, brown slabs indicate doors.

The new delvers will be:
  • Norfaz -- 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 3;  HP - 22 -- War Hammer & Crossbow
  • Taggert -- 1st lvl Fighter --  AC - 4;  HP - 10 -- 2-Hand Sword
  • Ragnorf -- 2nd lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2;  HP - 20 -- Mace
  • Gylvair -- 1st lvl Elf -- AC - 4;  HP - 7 -- Longsword -- (Magic Missile & Sleep)

If they survive a delve both Taggert and Gylvair are likely to go up to second level since both are fairly close to doing so.

So where do you think that they should go?  (Please leave comment as to entrance and proposed path).

By the way, after the first nine delves:
  • Three are dead -- Olaf (delve 1), Conrad (delve 3),  Jangnar (delve 4)
  • Four made 2nd Level -- Norfaz, Fasboo, Dleps and Ragnorf 
  • Five still at 1st Lvl -- Taggert, Lumissa, Sperl, Gylvair and Wyrdrom 

Please let me know where you think Norfaz, Taggert, Ragnorf and Gylvair should go?  (Please leave comment as to entrance and proposed path).

-- Jeff

Delve #09

Delvers for Delve #09:
  • Fasboo -- female 1st Lvl Cleric; AC - 4; HP - 7; Hammer
  • Lumissa --female 1st Lvl Magic-User; AC - 8; HP - 5; Staff and Dagger
  • Gylvair -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC - 4; HP - 7; Longsword
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC - 5; HP - 6; Shortsword

After their night's sleep, Fasboo used her healing to bring herself and Wyrdrom back to full before the Delvers returned to Entrance D to explore what lay beyond Room 13.

Starting with the west door, they found a short corridor that turned north and ended in a door.

After listening at the door and hearing nothing, they entered the chamber (Room 18) only to be greeted by a horrendous shrieking noise.

They had disturbed a pair of Shriekers . . . who were likely to bring others . . . so they set about to silence them.  And while it didn't take too long to do so, it began with Lumissa once again managing to fumble her first attack (at a stationary target yet . . . sheesh!).

Other than some old bones (that looked to have been seriously gnawed upon) there was nothing else of interest in the room.  Well, there was a door on the north wall which they opened  which showed a short corridor that turned east.

But after a brief discussion, they decided to return to Room 13 in case others came in response to the shriekers alarm.  Once they had done so, they opened the north door which led to a corridor that turned east, then ended in a "T" intersection with doors at both ends.

The south door opened easily to a room empty of occupants  (Room 19).  It did, however contain a number of shortish bunk beds.  When these were searched, nothing of value was found.

Returning to the corridor, the north end also ended in another silently opening door . . . which allowed the Delvers to surprise some 9 Goblins in Room 20.  Gylvair threw a sleep spell felling three of them (he rolled a 1 and a 2 on 2d8).  While Fasboo and Lumissa slew two more and Wyrdom damaged a large goblin for 4 pts.

The following round, Wyrdrom killed the big goblin but everyone else missed and Fasboo suffered a wound for 2 pts.  Then both Wyrdrom and Lumissa finished off their opponents as Gylvair took a pair of damage points.

Lumissa followed up with yet another fumble and Gylvair took two more points of damage (reducing him to 3 hp) before the final gobbos were disposed of.

(Note:  The first aid packs have NOT done their job.  Once again the d6-3 die rolls resulted in no healing for either Fasboo or Gylvair).

While searching the bodies, a measly 11 gp in assorted coins was all that seemed to be of any value . . . when all of a sudden the north door opened and four Lizardfolk entered the room, halting in surprise upon seeing the party.

Gylvair quickly cast a sleep spell (his last of the day) and wonder of wonder, all four Lizardmen collapsed (he rolled a 7 and 3 on 2d8 this time . . . thank goodness).  A quick search of their bodies (following some efficient dagger work) netted 13 gp.

The party was about to depart by the south door when Gylvair pointed out that from their map, it looked like the west door of Room 20 would match up with the corridor turning northeast from Room 18 . . . and they should at least check this out.

Upon opening the door, there indeed was a short corridor that turned south, so they followed it and indeed entered into Room 18.

However they had forgotten that the shriekers might have attracted something so were surprised with a flight of spears.  Fasboo was hit for 4 points of damage (lowering her to a single hp), Lumissa suffered 3 hp (lowering her to 2 hp) and Wyrdrom took 5 points of damage (he was also now down to a single hp).

The shock of this allowed the Goblins to win initiative and Lumissa was hit for another point of damage . . . Gylvair still had 3 hp but each of the others was down to a single hit point left . . . things looked bad for the party but to turn and run would be suicide.

Fortunately a pair of magic missiles from Lumissa and Wyrdrom took two Goblins down and Gylvair's longsword finished another so but two Goblins remained and the party was finally able to end the fight in their favor . . . for a net treasure of a whopping 4 gp.

Only one of the three first aid applications did any good . . . returning Fasboo to 3 hp but leaving Lumissa and Wyrdrom each with but a single point left.  Fortunately for them, they were able to safely make it back to The Laughing Owl . . . only to face a new bag of beans that night.

Delve 9 Results --

  • Net Injuries -- Fasboo 7 => 3; Lumissa 5 => 1; Gylvair 7 => 3; Wyrdrom 6 => 1
  • 2 Shriekers killed
  • 15 Goblins killed
  • 4 Lizardfolk killed
  • Treasure -- 28 gp
  • Rooms mapped -- 3

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Delve #08

Delvers for Delve #08:
  • Fasboo -- female 1st Lvl Cleric; AC - 6; HP - 7; Hammer
  • Lumissa --female 1st Lvl Magic-User; AC - 8; HP - 5; Staff and Dagger
  • Gylvair -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC - 5; HP - 7; Longsword
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC -6; HP - 6 => 4; Shortsword

Prior to their delve, Fasboo cast her two healing spells on herself and Wyrdrom . . . restoring herself to full and the elf for only a single point (leaving him at 4 hp).  There intention was to return to entrance D and continue exploring via the doors in Room 14.

 Starting with the west door, after a short corridor they faced another door, which seemed stuck.

When they forced it, they found themselves facing some 4 orcs, who (winning initiative) attacked . . . Fasboo took four points of damage before slaying her orc . . . and Wyrdrom suffered a point of damage before cleaving his opponent in two with a natural 20.

Lumissa fell (i.e., fumbled) avoiding her orc's attack and ended up flat on her back, while Gylvair simply missed.

In the second round, Fasboo's hammer ended the life of the orc who was about to strike the prostrate Lumissa, while Wyrdrom finished off the final orc after Gylvair once again missed him.

Administering first aid finally did some good, restoring 3 points to Fasboo (but once again failing to aid the elf).  Meanwhile a search of bodies and the room resulted in a total value of some 13 gp . . . not very good, but so far the Laughing Owl Delvers have not had much success in treasure-finding.

Heading north from room 15, Fasboo managed to take 2 damage from a dart trap (first aid failing again).  Beyond the trap the corridor split with the straight branch leading up to the surface (Entrance G).

The west branch of the corridor led to a small empty room (#16) with two doors.  The west-most one opened to another way down, so the party tried the north door whose various branches led to three doors.

The first door opened into Room #17, which was unoccupied.  As the party searched the room, it's north door opened silently and they were surprised by a Ghoul (a "wandering monster" whose free attack on Gylvair failed to hit).  Fortunately the Goddess Athena smiled upon Fasboo as her Cleric turned the Ghoul (who exited by the north door, closing it behind it)

Given their damaged state, the group decided to return to Room 14 (so as to be closer to that exit and away from the Ghoul.  They planned to explore the south door there.

Said door opened onto a twisting corridor headed generally south.  With Gylvair leading the party, they could see that it would end in a "T" intersection when a party of three Bugbears came into view from the west branch and charged the party (shouting "food" in their language).

Thinking fast, Gylvair cast his Sleep spell just before the Bugbears reached them . . . and Fortune smiled because he managed to roll 13 on 2d8 and put all of them down.  Some quick dagger work finished the matter.

A search of their bodies revealed some 23 gp, a ring and two good shields . . . and with that, they decided to return to the inn.

Delve 8 Results --

  • Net Injuries -- Fasboo 3 hp left; Wyrdrom 3 hp left
  • 4 Orcs killed
  • 1 Ghoul turned
  • 3 Bugbears killed
  • Treasure -- 36 gp, magic Ring, shield and +1 shield
  • Rooms mapped -- 3