Friday, February 7, 2014

"Bag of Beans" & Some Background Workings

The nine surviving Delvers gathered that evening for the new "Bag of Beans" that would determine who would delve in the morning. 

Once again all of their hands went into the rune-covered bag.  Once again a weird light encompassed them.  And when their hands were withdrawn there were five with white beans and four with black.  The new delvers were:
  • Ragnorf -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2;  HP - 20;  mace
  • Norfaz -- male 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 2;  HP - 20; war hammer & crossbow
  • Gylvair -- male 1st lvl Elf; AC - 4; HP - 7; longsword  (sleep & magic missile)
  • Taggert -- male 1st lvl Fighter -- AC - 4; HP - 10; 2-hand sword

<==== Background ====>

 Then there proceeded a discussion of all nine delvers as to where they should go next . . . and the following plans were advanced by various delvers:
  1. Enter B and head to the Y corridor down
  2. Enter A and investigate Rm 2 (spider webs), then the "T" corridor
  3. Enter A and explore to the northeast
  4. Enter D and explore north of Rm 20
  5. Enter C and explore fountain in Rm 8
  6. Enter their newly discovered entrance G and explore the doors in the corridor north of Rm 16 and those in Rm 17 . . . and still be close to an escape entrance.

Of the "new" Delvers . . .
  • Taggert was the only one to use B and he does not like idea #1
  • Ragnorf & Norfaz have been through C
  • Ragnorf, Norfaz & Taggert have all been through Entrance A
  • Gylvair is the only one to use Entrance D and see Entrance G

Fasboo (a cleric of Athena) is very interested in the fountain in Room 8 since it sounds like it might be a depiction of her goddess . . . but she is reminded that the geas they are under won't permit her to enter the Undercity until she draws a black bean . . . so the party decides to leave that entrance until Fasboo can go.

No one feels good about going down to a lower level yet . . . not with so much left to explore yet on the current level.  So entrance B is also on hold for now.

Which leaves entrances A and D.

Gylvair is the only one who has been in the "D complex" and still has wounds left from their near-fatal encounter earlier that day.  He would much rather go somewhere else . . . including G (which is fairly well separated from the D rooms).

That leaves G and two options for Entrance A -- east or west? 

I ended up deciding that:
  • Ragnorf and Norfaz preferred "A east"
  • Taggert preferred "A west"
  • Gylvair preferred "G"

I then took the Charisma score of each, doubled them and added each one's "plusses" (if any) for INT and WIS, (and added one to each they totalled 100) so ended up with the following percentages:
  • Ragnorf -- 21% and
  • Norfaz -- 27% = 1-48% for A east
  • Taggert -- 28% = 49-76% for A west
  • Gylvair -- 24% = 77-100% for G

And let them argue their cases, trying to persuade the others.  I did this by rolling percentile dice . . . and got . . . 62% . . . which means they've decided to check out Entrance A and turn west.

-- Jeff


  1. By the way, I picked the "choices" of each by where they had been before. Ragnorf & Norfaz had been to "A east" but none of the others; Gylvair was the only one to visit "G"; and Taggert was the only one to visit "A west".

    But my sincere thanks to all who made a suggestion.

    -- Jeff

  2. Sounds like a good way to figure out what the group ends up deciding. Good luck to the delvers!

  3. Nice voting mechanic. It's always interesting to see how solo players handle party dynamics.