Saturday, February 8, 2014

Delve #10

(Note:  a change in the listing of characters.  Previously they have been listed in the order rolled . . . Now they are listed in initial "marching order".)

Delvers for Delve #10:
  • Ragnorf -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2;  HP - 20;  mace
  • Norfaz -- male 2nd lvl Fighter -- AC - 2;  HP - 22; war hammer & crossbow
  • Gylvair -- male 1st lvl Elf; AC - 4; HP - 7; longsword  (sleep & magic missile)
  • Taggert -- male 1st lvl Fighter -- AC - 4; HP - 10; 2-hand sword

Prior to their delve, Fasboo had to cast a CLW (cure light wounds) on Gylvair to bring him up to full health.

Also the Delvers discussed how they were going  to deal with the "spider web" room.  They planned to use a torch bound to the end of a 10' pole Taggert would use to burn the web.  Norfaz would have his crossbow ready; Gylvair would have his mirror on a pole end to scan the ceiling from outside the room and would be available to cast a spell; while Ragnorf would be ready with mace and shield.

But when they got to Room 2, the door was open, the webs were gone and the room was totally clean . . . spotless, like it had been scrubbed from ceiling to floor . . . not even any dust!  Obviously the room had been cleansed during the nine days since they had last looked into it.

The Undercity obviously had its own secrets.

Proceeding west, the "T" intersection ended in a pair of doors.  Choosing the south door, they found Room 21 to be empty . . . but with a door in the southwest corner.  Proceeding through it they found a short corridor that turned north . . . but just before the corner, Ragnorf triggered an arrow trap (taking 2 points of damage)

Forcing the door to Room 22, they faced 3 Goblins (who won initiative and peppered the party with spears before they could close).  Ragnorf suffered 4 hits and Norfaz 5 before they closed on and killed their attackers (Ragnorf rolled a "crit" on a gobbo with only one hp . . . brutal overkill), as Taggert finished off the third yellow-skin.

A search of the bodies resulted in a surprisingly good 6 gp . . . Goblins normally didn't have much.  The room itself was filthy with goblin detritus.  It also had a door that opened onto a corridor that went north with a branch east part way up.

(Note:  First Aid managed to restore one of Ragnorf's hit points, but failed with Norfaz.  Indeed by the end of this delve, since the group had access to First Aid Kits, they use them 19 times with only 5 successes . . . with average rolls, that should have been 9 1/2 successes; with the total number of hits restored an expected 19 instead of the actual 9.  This is rough given that the Delvers have only a single second-level Cleric available for healing.)

However they decided they wanted to be closer to the exit . . . so instead of investigating the corridor they backtracked to try the door north of Room 21. 

They opened the door to find more Goblins (who once again won initiative and hurled spears).  Ragnorf took a crit for 7 points of damage and Norfaz was hit for 3 hp . . . in return, Gylvair was the only one to kill his opponent.

The gobbos held the initiative but failed to connect, while Gylvair's longsword and Taggert's big two-hander finished off two more goblins.  But the following round, with only three left, Ragnorf suffered yet another critical hit.  Prior to this he was down to just 8 hp so any above average roll by the goblin would kill him . . . (I am simply doubling the normal dice for a crit at this point) . . . the bones were rolled and a six popped up on one while the other spun on a corner and ended up with a "1" . . . the Dwarf was down to a single hit point (and still alive thanks to that earlier 1st aid roll . . . and yes, first aid failed on both Ragnorf and Norfaz once again)

He collapsed against the east wall while the party found 9 gp worth of coins on the dead goblins.  But as he leaned against the wall, he felt something amiss . . . and so investigating he discovered a secret door.

A look at the map showed that it was likely to connect to Room 3 . . . and so it did.  The secret door slid silently to the side and there was a short alcove that had a peephole view into Room 3, which showed 5 orcs lounging around.  After a brief discussion, they decided that Gylvair would attempt a sleep spell on the orcs to be followed up by the two healthy fighters and Ragnorf in the rear.

The door slid silently open and Gylvair's spell dropped all five orcs (who were then easily slain).  The net result of a search was 7 gp and a lovely shield made out of a smokey crystal.

The Delvers were satisfied with their day and decided to leave the Undercity and get Ragnorf and Norfaz some much-needed healing.  But as they were headed up the stairs to the A exit, the door to Z opened to reveal three Ghouls.

Gylvair was in the rear.  He yelled for the others to run and turned to hurl a magic missile at the lead Ghoul . . . but while he hurt it , he did take a hit in return for 3 points . . . but fortunately Elves don't have to save vs ghoul attacks.  And winning initiative for the second round, Gylvair fled up the stairs.

The wounded Ghoul followed only to take a crossbow bolt fired by Norfaz . . . and whether it was that or the bright sunlight or even the hand gestures by Gylvair (as if he was readying another spell), who knows . . . but the ghouls did not pursue the Delvers . . . and as if wonders will never cease, first aid even restored 2 of Gylvair's hits.

However the Crystal Shield was gone . . . Taggert, who had been carrying it, said that when he reached the sunlight, it turned into smoke and blew away.  He was shaken by this and didn't know if he'd somehow been cursed or harmed by it.  And if he was, how they could find out about it or help him.

Delve 9 Results --

  • Net Injuries -- Ragnorf 20 - 19 = 1; Norfaz 22 - 10 = 12; Gylvair 7 - 1 = 6
  • 9 Goblins killed
  • 5 Orcs killed
  • 3 Ghouls eluded
  • Treasure -- 22 gp & Crystal Shield that turned to smoke
  • Rooms mapped -- 3

-- Jeff


  1. Good work! Another close-run delve!
    (all that planning for the spiderweb room; and now a new mystery - who cleared it out? Janitors?)

  2. I loved the crystal shield. And the escape from the ghouls. And the dwarf-butt activated secret door.