Sunday, February 2, 2014

Delve #08

Delvers for Delve #08:
  • Fasboo -- female 1st Lvl Cleric; AC - 6; HP - 7; Hammer
  • Lumissa --female 1st Lvl Magic-User; AC - 8; HP - 5; Staff and Dagger
  • Gylvair -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC - 5; HP - 7; Longsword
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC -6; HP - 6 => 4; Shortsword

Prior to their delve, Fasboo cast her two healing spells on herself and Wyrdrom . . . restoring herself to full and the elf for only a single point (leaving him at 4 hp).  There intention was to return to entrance D and continue exploring via the doors in Room 14.

 Starting with the west door, after a short corridor they faced another door, which seemed stuck.

When they forced it, they found themselves facing some 4 orcs, who (winning initiative) attacked . . . Fasboo took four points of damage before slaying her orc . . . and Wyrdrom suffered a point of damage before cleaving his opponent in two with a natural 20.

Lumissa fell (i.e., fumbled) avoiding her orc's attack and ended up flat on her back, while Gylvair simply missed.

In the second round, Fasboo's hammer ended the life of the orc who was about to strike the prostrate Lumissa, while Wyrdrom finished off the final orc after Gylvair once again missed him.

Administering first aid finally did some good, restoring 3 points to Fasboo (but once again failing to aid the elf).  Meanwhile a search of bodies and the room resulted in a total value of some 13 gp . . . not very good, but so far the Laughing Owl Delvers have not had much success in treasure-finding.

Heading north from room 15, Fasboo managed to take 2 damage from a dart trap (first aid failing again).  Beyond the trap the corridor split with the straight branch leading up to the surface (Entrance G).

The west branch of the corridor led to a small empty room (#16) with two doors.  The west-most one opened to another way down, so the party tried the north door whose various branches led to three doors.

The first door opened into Room #17, which was unoccupied.  As the party searched the room, it's north door opened silently and they were surprised by a Ghoul (a "wandering monster" whose free attack on Gylvair failed to hit).  Fortunately the Goddess Athena smiled upon Fasboo as her Cleric turned the Ghoul (who exited by the north door, closing it behind it)

Given their damaged state, the group decided to return to Room 14 (so as to be closer to that exit and away from the Ghoul.  They planned to explore the south door there.

Said door opened onto a twisting corridor headed generally south.  With Gylvair leading the party, they could see that it would end in a "T" intersection when a party of three Bugbears came into view from the west branch and charged the party (shouting "food" in their language).

Thinking fast, Gylvair cast his Sleep spell just before the Bugbears reached them . . . and Fortune smiled because he managed to roll 13 on 2d8 and put all of them down.  Some quick dagger work finished the matter.

A search of their bodies revealed some 23 gp, a ring and two good shields . . . and with that, they decided to return to the inn.

Delve 8 Results --

  • Net Injuries -- Fasboo 3 hp left; Wyrdrom 3 hp left
  • 4 Orcs killed
  • 1 Ghoul turned
  • 3 Bugbears killed
  • Treasure -- 36 gp, magic Ring, shield and +1 shield
  • Rooms mapped -- 3


  1. Not a lot of cash, but the ring and shield sound like quite the haul!

  2. Very impressive performance from the party! I've sent several PCs to their grave at the hands of ghouls and bugbears.

    I've gone back and read the entries for this and I'm really enjoying the story.

    Also, I'm glad to see that i'm not alone in finding treasure a bit on the skimpy side.

    Are you using a drawing program for the map or something else?


  3. As to treasure, I've always been a bit stingy with it . . . and since I've never used it for xp anyway it just makes every bit more valuable.

    As to the map, I'm using a very old copy of "Paint Shop Pro 6". Yes, I know that there have been several generations of advances since then but I don't want to bother learning a whole bunch of new stuff when it will do the things that I want it to do.

    After the party runs through Delve #9, I will show the "grand map" (as far as it has been explored anyway) . . . so you can wait for that.

    Thanks to everyone for their comments.

    -- Jeff

  4. I'm enjoying the heck out of reading this. Good stuff! Love the names, too.