Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Delve #09

Delvers for Delve #09:
  • Fasboo -- female 1st Lvl Cleric; AC - 4; HP - 7; Hammer
  • Lumissa --female 1st Lvl Magic-User; AC - 8; HP - 5; Staff and Dagger
  • Gylvair -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC - 4; HP - 7; Longsword
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC - 5; HP - 6; Shortsword

After their night's sleep, Fasboo used her healing to bring herself and Wyrdrom back to full before the Delvers returned to Entrance D to explore what lay beyond Room 13.

Starting with the west door, they found a short corridor that turned north and ended in a door.

After listening at the door and hearing nothing, they entered the chamber (Room 18) only to be greeted by a horrendous shrieking noise.

They had disturbed a pair of Shriekers . . . who were likely to bring others . . . so they set about to silence them.  And while it didn't take too long to do so, it began with Lumissa once again managing to fumble her first attack (at a stationary target yet . . . sheesh!).

Other than some old bones (that looked to have been seriously gnawed upon) there was nothing else of interest in the room.  Well, there was a door on the north wall which they opened  which showed a short corridor that turned east.

But after a brief discussion, they decided to return to Room 13 in case others came in response to the shriekers alarm.  Once they had done so, they opened the north door which led to a corridor that turned east, then ended in a "T" intersection with doors at both ends.

The south door opened easily to a room empty of occupants  (Room 19).  It did, however contain a number of shortish bunk beds.  When these were searched, nothing of value was found.

Returning to the corridor, the north end also ended in another silently opening door . . . which allowed the Delvers to surprise some 9 Goblins in Room 20.  Gylvair threw a sleep spell felling three of them (he rolled a 1 and a 2 on 2d8).  While Fasboo and Lumissa slew two more and Wyrdom damaged a large goblin for 4 pts.

The following round, Wyrdrom killed the big goblin but everyone else missed and Fasboo suffered a wound for 2 pts.  Then both Wyrdrom and Lumissa finished off their opponents as Gylvair took a pair of damage points.

Lumissa followed up with yet another fumble and Gylvair took two more points of damage (reducing him to 3 hp) before the final gobbos were disposed of.

(Note:  The first aid packs have NOT done their job.  Once again the d6-3 die rolls resulted in no healing for either Fasboo or Gylvair).

While searching the bodies, a measly 11 gp in assorted coins was all that seemed to be of any value . . . when all of a sudden the north door opened and four Lizardfolk entered the room, halting in surprise upon seeing the party.

Gylvair quickly cast a sleep spell (his last of the day) and wonder of wonder, all four Lizardmen collapsed (he rolled a 7 and 3 on 2d8 this time . . . thank goodness).  A quick search of their bodies (following some efficient dagger work) netted 13 gp.

The party was about to depart by the south door when Gylvair pointed out that from their map, it looked like the west door of Room 20 would match up with the corridor turning northeast from Room 18 . . . and they should at least check this out.

Upon opening the door, there indeed was a short corridor that turned south, so they followed it and indeed entered into Room 18.

However they had forgotten that the shriekers might have attracted something so were surprised with a flight of spears.  Fasboo was hit for 4 points of damage (lowering her to a single hp), Lumissa suffered 3 hp (lowering her to 2 hp) and Wyrdrom took 5 points of damage (he was also now down to a single hp).

The shock of this allowed the Goblins to win initiative and Lumissa was hit for another point of damage . . . Gylvair still had 3 hp but each of the others was down to a single hit point left . . . things looked bad for the party but to turn and run would be suicide.

Fortunately a pair of magic missiles from Lumissa and Wyrdrom took two Goblins down and Gylvair's longsword finished another so but two Goblins remained and the party was finally able to end the fight in their favor . . . for a net treasure of a whopping 4 gp.

Only one of the three first aid applications did any good . . . returning Fasboo to 3 hp but leaving Lumissa and Wyrdrom each with but a single point left.  Fortunately for them, they were able to safely make it back to The Laughing Owl . . . only to face a new bag of beans that night.

Delve 9 Results --

  • Net Injuries -- Fasboo 7 => 3; Lumissa 5 => 1; Gylvair 7 => 3; Wyrdrom 6 => 1
  • 2 Shriekers killed
  • 15 Goblins killed
  • 4 Lizardfolk killed
  • Treasure -- 28 gp
  • Rooms mapped -- 3


  1. I think this was one of the more interesting and exciting delves so far. They actually explored more, as well as had more encounters and fighting, and even survived to tell the tale.

  2. When they were surprised by the Goblins in Room 18 with that shower of spears I was pretty sure that there would be multiple deaths and a possible total party kill . . . but luckily the attack dice rolled low and then they couldn't hit except for the one that got another hit on Lumissa and only rolled a "1" on its d6 . . . *whew*!

    -- Jeff

  3. Quite an adventure! That last, desperate fight against the goblins really made this one stand out.

    What are you using to generate treasure, by the way? I've just been using the D&D Basic rulebook treasure types, and twice so far I've actually given my characters less than the total rolled as it seemed too great a reward for the encounter. Are my dice just greedier than yours?

  4. A good question. I figure that the D&D treasure guides are "broken" . . . so I totally ignore them. I generally just roll a die to see if small groups have any "pocket change" and if they do, I pick a few dice and roll them.

    Since I do not give any xp for treasure (i.e., treasure is its own reward) it doesn't affect character progression. I also don't want to see everyone in the best armor right away. Indeed at this point three characters (not counting the mage, of course) are still in Leather armor because they haven't made enough to improve it yet.

    I've always chosen to GM "low treasure" adventures, often dropping thousands or hundreds of coins down to single or double digits. But I'm afraid that I don't have a set table for treasure.

    I hope that that helps.

    -- Jeff

  5. It sounds like you're having fun, but it also sounds like you're getting attached to the PCs. The dice will know this, and will exact their revenge soon, I am sure.