Thursday, February 13, 2014

5th Bag o' Beans, a New Challenge & Magic?

That evening the delvers met for the fifth time to draw beans from the Seer's rune-bag.  When their hands were opened it was obvious that Ragnorf would not have any recuperation time for once again he held a black bean.  The new party would contain:
  • Ragnorf -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf; AC-2; HP- 20-12=> 8; mace
  • Dleps -- male 2nd lvl Dwarf; AC- 1; HP- 20; battle axe
  • Sperl -- female 1st lvl Halfling; AC- 4; HP- 6; short bow, dagger
  • Lumissa -- female 1st lvl Magic-User; AC- 8; HP- 5; staff; (magic missile, shield, floating disc)

 In all likelihood Fasboo would be able to heal Ragnorf up to at least close to his normal hit points before the party entered the Undercity once again.  But first they had to determine where they would go . . . Can You Help?    

This is another invitation for you to suggest where this new party should go.  Remember that it contains two rather weak 1st level members (both of whom are quite close to going up to level two) . . . so you might want to suggest something that looks easy for the first delve, then perhaps a more adventurous one for their second delve.  Here is a map of what's been explored so far:

But had you forgotten that there were a number of items that needed to be tested for magic?
  • 5 scrolls
  • 10 potions
  • silver torc
  • copper bracelet

So Wyrdrom cast Detect Magic on this hoard.  The only items to glow were one potion and the silver torc . . . but the copper bracelet was of interest as well.  Fasboo commented that many felt that copper chain bracelets such as the one taken from the bugbear aided in healing.*

( * note:  my father wore one and swore that it helped his arthritis . . . so I'm going to give this a 1d6-5 per day of non-magical healing . . . so it will heal one point if a six is rolled.)

Wyrdrom guessed (correctly as it turned out) that the torc was a +1 item of protection . . . but the potion could be just about anything (I will roll for this once anyone drinks it).

As for the "scrolls", they were Hobgoblin cookbooks:
  • Thirty Five ways to serve Hobbits
  • Favorite Elf Kabob Recipes
  • Dwarfburgers and Other Treats
  • How to Cook Orcs and Humans
  • Just Desserts -- Serving up your Enemies

And most of the potions smelled like various seasonings or reductions . . . not anything any right-thinking being wanted to taste.

So now it is time for you to suggest where Dleps, Ragnorf, Sperl and Lumissa should venture.  Please leave your suggestions in a comment.

-- Jeff


  1. Delve 13: Entrance C Room 9, doors. It is close to the entrance, so that if anything turns bad, they haven't far to get their derrieres outta there. If they survive that without much damage and/or are able to recover damage, then the long corridors near the fountain look good for Delve 14, and possibly 15 too.

  2. (I thought I had answered)
    But yeah, entrance C to room 9 looks good, too.

  3. Either C to room 9, as seems to be the favourite, or H to room 7. There were goblins that way, and now that the shrieker's gone there should be less risk of a wnadering monster ambush.

  4. C to 9 is a good choice, or as an alternative, D to 14 and go south.