Thursday, June 5, 2014

(interlude) -- A Change of System

While I have been using "Labyrinth Lord" (with a few modifications), I have decided to embrace a few more modifications and convert over to my own "vardy".

A "vardy" is a shorthand term applied to "varient D&D" systems that proliferated back in the 1970s and beyond.

Perhaps the major innovation that I've introduced is "Elements".  The Elements I use are:
  1. Air
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Water
  5. Spirit
  6. Dragon *  (very rare)
  7. Feral *  (animals only)
  8. Evil  *  (bad guys only)
 The first five (Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Spirit) are, of course, Classical . . . and they are usually the only elements allowed for Player Characters. 

Characters roll four d6s to establish their "elemental makeup" (which is also their "aura").  The first of these is their "Prime Element" and takes up two spaces on their Elemental Circle (of five segments).  The next three fill out the remaining spaces of the Circle.

1s through 5s give you the respective element (i.e., Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Spirit).  A "6" allows one to choose or to re-roll.  If this re-roll is another 6 that allows for a segment of Dragon.  Below are the Elemental Circles for our current delving group:

Dleps the Dwarf has a 33145 pattern, giving him:
  • Earth
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water
  • Spirit

Fasboo the Cleric of Athena has a 55312 pattern, giving her:
  • Spirit
  • Spirit
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire

Bejal the Cleric of Ra has a 55221 pattern, giving her:
  • Spirit
  • Spirit
  • Fire
  • Fire
  • Air

Ptaro the Magic-User has a 11451 pattern, giving him:
  • Air
  • Air
  • Water
  • Spirit
  • Air

Well, that's great . . . but what does it mean?

Let us look at Ptaro first.  He is an "Air Mage".  All mages (regardless of element) may use any of the spells as long as they know them . . . but Ptaro can only use a spell if it is in its "Air" format.  He cannot read or use it if it is in Fire, Earth, Water or Dragon format . . . thus the only spell books of use to him are those of other Air mages (and so it is with all mages -- they can only learn spells in their Prime Element).

Next let us look at "magic weapons", which only have one element.  A character may only make use of its advantages if he/she has the requisite segments.

Take for example a +2 "Fire" Sword.  Bejal, having two segments of Fire could use it as a normal +2 weapon.  But Fasboo only has a single segment of Fire, so for her it would only act as a +1 weapon.  Meanwhile neither Dleps nor Ptaro has a segment of Fire so for them, the sword would be a normal sword EXCEPT that it would hit things that can only be hit by magic weapons (but they would get no bonus to hit or damage).

Now let us look at "saving throws".  Not all saves deal with magical effects . . . but some do.  For those that do, you have a -2 penalty if you do not have a segment of the particular element of magic involved . . . but you do not suffer any penalty if you have that element.

For example, a spell cast by a Water Mage would cause penalties to the saves of both Fasboo and Bejal because neither has any water amongst their elements; bit Dleps and Ptaro would not be penalized because they do have a water segment.

On the other hand, if you have multiple segments of the needed element, you get a +2 bonus to your save for each segment past the first.  So if the spell they were saving against was an Air Mage, none of the above delvers would suffer any penalty because all have at least one element of Air . . . but Ptaro has three segments so he would have a +4 save.

Likewise segments of Spirit (which is the mirror of Evil) provide similar bonuses/penalties when faced with Clerical magic (whether of either the Spirit or Evil nature).

I should note, by the way, that when I roll up "bad guys" any of the d6s I roll that is either a 5 or 6 becomes a black segment of Evil instead of Spirit or choice/reroll.

A final note (at least for now), Feral is only used for animals whose true alignment is not Evil, but "Hungry".  In my world, neither Evil nor Feral can be part of a PC's elemental nature.

-- Jeff

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Delve #19 and a Dilemma

(note -- I apologize for the two and a half month delay in posting a delve.  My dear wife has been quite ill and in-and-out of the hospital multiple times.  She's doing somewhat better now though so hopefully I will be able to post with more frequency.)

Today's Delvers:

  • Dleps -- male 3rd level Dwarf -- AC-1; HP-29; Battle Axe
  • Fasboo -- female 3rd level Cleric of Athena -- AC-3; HP-18; Hammer
  • Ptaro  -- male 2nd Level Magic-User  --  AC-6; HP-10;  Staff, Dagger, Darts 
  • Bejal  -- female 2nd Level Cleric of Ra  -- AC-5; HP-13;  Staff

The "Bag of Beans" creates a geas that drives the four delvers to enter the Undercity . . . there is no choice about it.  But I'm facing a dilemma because one of the above delvers failed a saving throw and well you'll read about it later . . . .

The party decided to enter via "J" and explore through the door to the east, which opened onto room 51.

There were four Zombies in the room.  The two veterans stepped to the front.  Dleps dealt 7 points of damage with his battle axe but took 8 hits in return.  While Fasboo called upon Athena and turned a pair of the Zombies away.

In round two, Dleps missed the Zombie but managed to knock his sword away (i.e., zombie fumbled).  However Fasboo also missed but took a hit for 7 points in return.

An over-eager Dleps fumbled as he tried to follow-up disarming his opponent and Fasboo took an additional 7 points of hurt.  Meanwhile Ptaro had maneuvered to where he could throw darts . . . but was ineffective with them.

Eventually Dleps took two more points of damage but killed his zombie and Ptaro's darts finished off the last one.

First Aid failed to help Fasboo but Dleps did get one hit back.  Clerical healing brought the Dwarf back to 27 hp (down 2) and Fasboo back to full.

It was turning into a "zombie day" as room 52 contained another 6 Zombies.  Fasboo again turned two as Dleps exchanged 3-point hits with another in the opening round.  In the following round Bejal and Ptaro each slew a zombie while Dleps took another 9 points of hurt (a crit).

Finally Dleps and Bejal finished off the last two zombies and Fasboo began to wonder what was wrong with her hammer (she just kept missing with it).  First aid failed to help Dleps but Bejal was able to heal 6 pts of his damage (leaving him with 21 of his 29).

The delvers had barely entered room 53 and discovered that the foggy room featured a mosaic tiled floor and a large circular pool when they were attacked by a couple of Giant Centipedes.  And while these were eventually slain by Dleps and Bejal, both Ptaro and Bejal suffered bites.  The latter made her save but Ptaro failed his and became violently ill.  So ill that he had to be carried.

As they retraced their steps in order to exit the Undercity, they encountered a trio of Gnolls (wandering monsters).  After a massive 12-round fight (mostly distinguished by missed swings all around), the gnolls were dead.  Dleps killed two and took 16 points of damage; Fasboo killed the third and suffered a dozen points of damage herself.

One of the gnolls killed by Dleps wielded a superior battle axe (+1, +2 vs undead) that the Dwarf took since it seemed to be better than his own . . . and that plus 42 gp in  was their only "treasure" for this day's delve.

The "dilemma" mentioned above is the fact that Ptaro will be too ill to even stand for the next two days, let alone go delving . . . but he will be driven to try by the gaes.

Delve Results:

  • Net Injuries -- Dleps 29-24=5 left; Fasboo 18-12=6 left; Ptaro very ill
  • 4 Zombies turned
  • 6 Zombies killed
  • 2 Giant Centipedes killed
  • 3 Gnolls killed
  • Treasure -- 42 gp and +1/+2 vs undead Battle Axe
  • Rooms Searched -- 2 1/2 (#53 not really searched)

-- Jeff

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Updated Cast Summary

I'm sorry for the lack of posts . . . I was ill, then my wife was hospitalized for four days.  She's home now, but I've been taking care of her and have not had a chance to run another delve.

But I thought that I'd post an updated "Cast List" for you.

Current Delvers:
  • Dleps -- male 3rd level Dwarf -- AC-1; HP-29; Battle Axe
  • Fasboo -- female 3rd level Cleric of Athena -- AC-3; HP-18; Hammer
  • Bejal  -- female 2nd Level Cleric of Ra  -- AC-5; HP-13;  Staff 
  • Ptaro  -- male 2nd Level Magic-User  --  AC-6; HP-10;  Staff, Dagger, Darts
Other Living Delvers:
  • Ragnorf -- male 3rd level Dwarf -- AC-2; HP-26; Mace, Magic Dagger
  • Taggert -- male 3rd level Fighter -- AC-4; HP-22; 2-Hand Sword
  • Gylvair -- male 3rd Level Elf  -- AC-4; HP-18; Longsword, Magic Short Sword
  • Norfaz -- male 2nd Level Fighter -- AC-3; HP-22; War Hammer, Crossbow
  • Hufnir  --  male 2nd Level Cleric of Freyr  -- AC-2; HP-14;  Mace
  • Ullara  --  female 2nd Level Fighter  --  AC-4; HP-16;  Broadsword
  • Ilona  --  female 2nd Level Elf  --  AC-3; HP-13;  Longsword
  • Miklos  --  male 2nd Level Hobbit  --  AC-5; HP-11;  Shortsword, Throwing Knives
Dead Delvers:
  • Olaf  --  1st level male Fighter -- killed by Goblins on Delve 1
  • Conrad  -- 1st level male Cleric of Thor: -- killed by Goblins on Delve 3
  • Jangnar  --  1st level female Thief -- killed by Lizardfolk on Delve 4
  • Lumissa  --  1st level female Magic User -- Killed by Skeletons on Delve #13
  •  Sperl  --  2nd level female Hobbit -- killed by Orcs on Delve 15 
  •  Wyrdrom  --  1st level male Elf -- Killed by Lizardfolk on Delve 17

 -- Jeff

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unexpected Reinforcements

When Fasboo, Gylvair and Taggert returned from their most recent Delve into the Undercity they were in for a big surprise.

Not only were they fellow delvers (Dleps, Norfaz and Ragnorf) awaiting for them in a fully-healed state . . . but so were six strangers.

Axel (innkeeper of The Laughing Owl) explained, "I hadn't mentioned it before but the Seeress also said that if or when your party fell to half or below, new delvers would arrive for the next 'bag of beans' . . . which is tonight . . . and here they are."

"We explained everything and they have all agreed to join us." added Norfaz  "Like us they all arrived here independently with nothing left in their purses and nowhere else to go."

Turning to look at the strangers who were to join them, the returning delvers saw an elf, a hobbit and four humans:
  • Bejal  -- female 2nd Level Cleric of Ra  -- AC-5; HP-13;  Staff
  • Hufnir  --  male 2nd Level Cleric of Freyr  -- AC-2; HP-14;  Mace
  • Ilona  --  female 2nd Level Elf  --  AC-3; HP-13;  Longsword
  • Miklos  --  male 2nd Level Hobbit  --  AC-5; HP-11;  Shortsword, Throwing Knives
  • Ptaro  --  male 2nd Level Magic-User  --  AC-6; HP-10;  Staff, Dagger, Darts
  • Ullara  --  female 2nd Level Fighter  --  AC-4; HP-16;  Broadsword

As usual, Axel and his daughter, Lilith, provided free food and drink to the delvers (both old and new) as they learned more about each other and began the bonding process.

All spent much time examining the maps and discussing what things they had found where . . .  until it was time to once again draw beans from the rune-encrusted bag.  Once all twelve had their hands in the bag, the familiar glow surrounded them.  Each then drew forth their hands and back beans were found in four hands.

So on the marrow newcomers Bejal and Ptaro would join Dleps and Fasboo for three days of delving into the Undercity.


( Note -- all of the new delvers have just made 2nd level . . . and, of course, have no money and no magic items. )

-- Jeff

Thursday, March 13, 2014

(interlude) -- Languages & Stuff

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a few things that readers may (or may not) have wondered about.  The first of these has to do with in-game languages.


To begin with, like most GMs, I totally ignore the concept of "alignment languages".  As far as I'm concerned the concept is a non-starter and I do not allow it in either my social or solo games.

For humans, while I have a number of different languages in my social game, for the purposes of The Laughing Owl there is a "common" language . . . which you may as well think of as English (I do).

For the Delvers, all PCs will know Common as either their first or second language.  If non-human, they will know their "racial" language first, then common second, with any additional languages following.  Humans (of course) will have Common as their "milk tongue".  Beyond that, if Clerics they will know their religious tongue next; for other classes, they will be randomly determined.

All PCs will automatically know two languages (one of which will be Common).  They will know additional languages depending upon the "plusses" of their INT and WIS.  I am using the basic plus concept (13-15 = +1, 16-17 = +2, 18 = +3).

While I have more languages available in my social games, for the purpose of my solo games I randomly determine all other languages using the following list:
  1. Egyptian *
  2. Greek *
  3. Latin
  4. Arabic
  5. Hindi
  6. Norse *
  7. Dwarvish
  8. Elvish
  9. Gnoll
  10. Gnome
  11. Goblin
  12. Hobbit
  13. Hobgoblin
  14. Ogre
  15. Orcish
  16. Pixie
  17. Saurig
  18. Swaash
  19. Taltish
  20. Drakish -- note that only Mages may learn this, as their last language and at half normal -- otherwise, re-roll
The first six languages are human tongues and all human-formed writings will (randomly) in one of them.  Those marked with red asterisks (*) are the three "religious" languages (clerics will know the appropriate one).  The rest are racial languages . . . and all members of those races that the players encounter will only speak (or at least admit to speaking) their own lingo.

A PC's "milk tongue" is known at the level of their INT.  Their second language is 1d3+1 levels lower.  All subsequent languages are an additional 1d3 lower.

For example, in Delve 18, Taggert spoke to a passing Dwarf.  As it turns out, Taggert has an INT of 13 and WIS of 15 (each of which would give a +1) so he had two extra languages (giving him four).  His first, of course was Common (he being human) at 13 (his INT), next (randomly) he speeks Latin at 11, Elvish at 10 and Dwarvish at 7.

I chose a die-size to roll depending upon the complexity of the message to roll against the PCs understanding.  For Taggert I rolled a d8 and got an "8", so he almost got it but mangled a few of the words.  So the two commenters who thought it might refer to "Beowulf" were correct . . . but Taggert didn't get it (the Elf did but didn't explain it).


I had decided that if/when the party reached "half" that additional adventurers would appear for the next "bag of beans" . . . and so it will be.  Indeed they are already listed in the "Cast of Characters" ("Cast of Characters" link can be seen immediately to the top right side of screen).

Yes, I know that I haven't written the post describing it yet but I've been under-the-weather healthwise . . . nothing terrible, just some sort of bug (sore throat, stuffy head, achy bones, wanting to sleep all the time, etc.) . . . so I've not been as active as I would like.

I hope that you have enjoyed this "look behind the scenes" at some of the gimmicks that I'm using.

-- Jeff

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Different Experience -- Delve #18

Today's Delvers:
  • Taggert -- male 3rd Level Fighter -- AC-4; HP-22; 2-hand sword
  • Gylvair -- male 2nd Level Elf -- AC-4; HP-13; longsword; (sleep & magic missile)
  • Fasboo -- female 3rd Level Cleric -- AC-3; HP-18; hammer; (cure light wounds; Bless)
Both Taggert and Fasboo had managed to reach 3rd level on yesterday's delve . . . and now Fasboo was insisting that she needed to see the fountain in Room 8.  She said that is where she needed to go even if it was by herself . . . so they headed for Entrance E and entered the Undercity.

 On their way to Room 8 they encountered a lone Dwarf headed west.

"Greetings, friend", said Taggert in Dwarvish.  "What's the news?"

"Grenda is eating heart out and Day-old Wolf must help.", replied the Dwarf without stopping.

When Taggert related the gist of the Dwarf's words, Fasboo asked what it meant . . . and Taggert didn't know.  Gylvair said it was just an old story.

Upon reaching Room 8, Fasboo confirmed that it was indeed a statue of her Goddess, Athena . . . but it had been defiled and she would need to cleanse and bless it in order to restore it to the Goddess.  

Since she had anticipated that this might be the case, she had borrowed scrub brushes and cloths to accomplish the task of cleansing the room.  "Since both of you are of my religion, you can help . . . but one of you must stand guard at all times, so you can switch off."

And so it went.   Fasboo alone cleansed the statue of Athena. but the men took turns scrubbing the floor and walls and standing guard.  Fortunately they were only disturbed once when three Goblins charged them.  Gylvair slew two and Taggert the other.

Eventually decided that they had cleansed the room as well as they could and she would then cast "Bless" on the room and its fountain.  When she had finished doing so, the statue glowed and fresh water suddenly poured from the statue, filling the fountain pool with fresh, clean water.

Gylvair noted that an area on the east wall glowed as well . . . which they then discovered to be a secret door.  Passing through it and the corridor beyond they came to a "T" intersection.  Although there were doors both north and south, Fasboo concentrated her attention on the east wall and discovered another secret door.

 The room they entered was brightly lit (a Continual Light spell) and was an obvious tomb.  There were four sarcophagi and between them were three Ghouls who started toward the party but halted as soon as Fasboo lifted her holy symbol and called for them to turn in the name of Athena.

As one the three "Ghouls" bowed and returned to stand between the sarcophagi . . . which was a most unusual response.  It was not the expected response at all, but very mysterious.

A glance around the room showed an altar against the west wall.  It contained a marble statue of Athena and many items of gold and silver . . . many encrusted with gems.

"Do not touch nor take anything in this room", warned the cleric.  "I must pray".  And with that she knelt before the altar with her back to the "ghouls" and began to pray.

Taggert and Gylvair kept wary eyes on the "ghouls" for a long time as Fasboo continued to pray.  Finally she rose and crossed to the southeast corner of the room ignoring the "ghouls" except to say "I've been instructed to do this".

She then pressed her holy symbol against the wall.  An opening was revealed.  She reached in, saying "I thank thee, Goddess, for the use of this boon".  And when her arm returned she held in her hands a finely made Hammer.  She then returned to the altar and prayed some more.

Eventually she was finished and turning to her companions, instructed them to leave.  As they all left, the "Ghouls" bowed to them a final time.

The north door opened onto a staircase spiraling down to the right.  Closing it they headed to the south door . . . but on the way, Taggert triggered an arrow trap (taking two damage)

 Carefully proceeding to and opening the south door (room 50) they were surprised by a number of Spitting Beetles.  In that first rush Taggert was bitten for 4 points and Fasboo for 3.  In the ensuing battle, Taggert slew 2 of the beetles although he took another 3 points of damage; and Fasboo killed the other three as Gylvair failed to connect with any of his swings.

It should be noted that Fasboo used her new hammer and it connected even on a few swings she thought would miss . . . and it did more damage than she expected as well (it is a +2 Hammer).

First aid helped Fasboo regain a couple of hits but failed to help Taggert so the cleric threw a cure light wounds on him for 5 back (so he was currently at 18 hp).

The delvers tried the east door which opened onto  a corridor that turned right and then right again . . . but they heard something behind them, so they re-entered room 50 to be faced by more than double their number of Skeletons (wandering monsters).

Fasboo attempted to turn them and some turned back, but four pressed on against the delvers (the skeletons' saving rolls were 20,19,19,19,16,13 and 9 when they needed 18 to save vs spell, which is what I use for "turns").  

In the ensuing combat (which only lasted 4 rounds) Taggert and Fasboo each destroyed a pair of Skeletons . . . but Gylvair had trouble drawing his longsword, then almost dropped it, then did drop it so he tried to draw his shortsword and dropped that!  (Rolls of 2,2,1,1 on top of failing to hit anything during the fight with the beetles).

Fasboo looked at Gylvair and asked, "You didn't touch anything in the crypt room, did you?"  "No, of course not," replied the Elf "but I did lust after a broach on the altar; my sister would love it.  But I never touched it or anything else."

"That crypt has never been defiled and it is sacred to the Goddess.  And I'm sure that those 'ghouls' were far more than ghouls,"  stated the cleric.  "and it is clear to me that you need to be cleansed . . . or do you think that your 'sword work' in the last two fights has been natural?  Athena needs your repentance."

So rather than try the south door, Fasboo took a look in the southwest alcove suspecting from their maps there was a secret door to the corridor leading back to the fountain . . . and so it proved to be.

Once again in the Fountain Room, Fasboo asked Taggert to guard the door and ordered Gylvair to strip naked and wash himself in the fountain maintaining a constant prayer to Athena craving her forgiveness.  She added, "Even if we are attacked, do not even THINK about using magic while in her fountain."

(And eventually the die indicated a wandering monster.  I turned over a card and it was 6 Orcs.)    Taggert shouted a warning and Fasboo joined him in the doorway to defend Athena's Fountain.

They positioned themselves inside the room so that only two orcs could face them at the same time.  Fasboo slew one but she took 6 damage doing so while Taggert was hit for 4 points.  Then the fighter slew another as Fasboo took another hit for 1.  And then an orc hit her for another point before she killed it.

The next orc won initiative and WHAM! Fasboo was hit for 7 more (2d6 for a crit, dropping the cleric to a single hp); but she managed to slay it in return as Taggert finally killed the stubborn orc he'd been fighting.

This left a single orc (the largest).  Fasboo stepped back to let Taggert engage it . . . but Gylvair was finally out of the fountain and cast a magic missile at it for 4 damage.  The orc then turned to run (having failed morale) but a second magic missile for 7 more ended its life.

First aid healed a couple of points for Taggert but none for Fasboo so she cast her last two cure lights on herself for a dozen hits back.  A search of the bodies resulted in 31 gp (mostly on the largest orc) and the delvers decided that they'd done enough for the day and exited the Undercity with no further encounters. 

Delve Results:
  • Injuries after healing -- Taggert down 6; and Gylvair down 4
  • 1 Dwarf encountered *
  • 3 Goblins killed
  • 3 "Ghouls" neutralized
  • 5 Spitting Beetles slain
  • 7 Skeletons turned or destroyed
  • 6 Orcs slain
  • 1 Fountain Room cleansed, blessed 
  • 1 Crypt survived
  • 2 Rooms Explored
  • Treasure -- +2 Hammer and 33 gp 
 * has anyone solved the Dwarf's message?

-- Jeff 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Delve #17 -- Half are Now Gone

Today's Delvers:
  • Taggert -- male 2nd Level Fighter -- AC-4; HP-13; 2-hand sword
  • Gylvair -- male 2nd Level Elf -- AC-4; HP-13; longsword; (sleep & magic missile)
  • Fasboo -- female 2nd Level Cleric -- AC-3; HP-13; hammer; (cure light wounds)
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Level Elf -- AC-5; HP-6=>5; +1 shortsword; (magic missile & light)

After a good night's sleep (and some healing from Agnar) the group decided to explore from Entrance A and to take a look at room 12 for starters.

Rooms 1 and 12 were both unoccupied.  Then they came to a 4-way intersection with a door to the east, a newly-discovered exit (J) to the north and a corridor leading west to another 4-way.

The tried the door to the south and discovered a pair of Zombies in room 45; but Fasboo invoked the name of Goddess Athena and turned the undead (who exited via the south door).

So the delvers tried the west door (room 46) where they disturbed a Shrieker, which they eventually slew . . . but it attracted 6 Orcs.  Gylvair loosed his Sleep spell but only three went down and the others were on top of them so it was time for bladework.

Fasboo took 5 pts of damage and Gylvair 6 before they finally finished the orcs off.  And for once First Aid was useful with the Elf regaining 3 hp and Fasboo a pair of hit points.  A search of the bodies netted some 11 gp worth of coins.

But leery of more orcs coming from the south, the party retreated to the 4-way intersection outside room 45 and tried the west door.  Once again they found the room (#47) free of occupants.  It appeared to have a forge along the west wall (with a vent in the roof) . . . and the coals were still warm.

Rather than one of the other exits from the room, they decided to retreat once again and try the northern branch of the corridor.  After turning the corner, they opened the door they found only to see a group of four Bugbears, who apparently hadn't heard them (the delvers had "surprise").  They closed the door and retreated once again.

They could have exited the Underground via their newly-discovered "J" exit . . . but decided this would be expected by the Bugbears . . . so they went back through room 45 and used the south door which they thought would take them to room 3.

They were right . . . and the room was empty.  So out the south door and back to the A Entrance.  They should (once again) have left . . . but they decided to continue.  Through rooms 1 and 10 (both empty) and into room 11 . . . where they were surprised by a trio of Lizardfolk.

The scaleskins were on top of them before they could react . . . and WHAM! WHAM! . . .  Wyrdrom took a hit for 6 damage (and he only had 5) and Gylvair took 5 as well, so scratch one elf and the other was significantly injured.

Soon Taggert took 3 more hits and Gylvair was hit for the same (now down to 2 hp), then Fasboo got hit for 3 and Taggert for 6 more . . . and the party had only managed to kill one and wound one of the lizardfolk.

Taggert (who had killed his earlier) intercepted Gylvair's opponent to save him and so Gylvair finally had enough time to get off a Magic Missile about the time Fasboo killed her opponent.  But then Taggert fumbled and was hit for 3 more damage (and he was down to 1 left) so Fasboo then tried to save the fighter by attacking his scaleskin . . . and survived long enough for Taggert to recover and finish off this last Lizardman.

Taggert was down to a single hit point, Gylvair to 2 hp and Fasboo had 7 left.  First aid was applied (rolls of 4,6,5) and Fasboo threw two CLW on Taggert and one on Fasboo . . . all of which brought the party up to 9 hit points each.  Time to leave (with Wyrdrom's body and 16 more gold pieces) . . . and fortunately they met no wandering monsters as they exited through A.

 Delve Results:
  • Delver killed -- Wyrdrom by Lizardfolk in Room 12
  • Net Injured -- Taggert 9 from 13; Gylvair 9 from 13; Fashoo 9 from 13
  • 2 Zombies turned
  • 1 Shrieker killed
  • 6 Orcs killed
  • 4 Bugbears avoided
  • 3 Lizardfolk killed
  • Treasure -- 27 gp 

  • Taggert earned enough experience to reach 3rd level and now has 22 hit points
  • Fasboo earned enough experience to reach 3rd level and now has 18 hit points
  • Gylvair inherited Wyrdrom's +1 short sword and his "magic ring" (unknown but it is Fire Resistance)

-- Jeff