Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Delve #17 -- Half are Now Gone

Today's Delvers:
  • Taggert -- male 2nd Level Fighter -- AC-4; HP-13; 2-hand sword
  • Gylvair -- male 2nd Level Elf -- AC-4; HP-13; longsword; (sleep & magic missile)
  • Fasboo -- female 2nd Level Cleric -- AC-3; HP-13; hammer; (cure light wounds)
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Level Elf -- AC-5; HP-6=>5; +1 shortsword; (magic missile & light)

After a good night's sleep (and some healing from Agnar) the group decided to explore from Entrance A and to take a look at room 12 for starters.

Rooms 1 and 12 were both unoccupied.  Then they came to a 4-way intersection with a door to the east, a newly-discovered exit (J) to the north and a corridor leading west to another 4-way.

The tried the door to the south and discovered a pair of Zombies in room 45; but Fasboo invoked the name of Goddess Athena and turned the undead (who exited via the south door).

So the delvers tried the west door (room 46) where they disturbed a Shrieker, which they eventually slew . . . but it attracted 6 Orcs.  Gylvair loosed his Sleep spell but only three went down and the others were on top of them so it was time for bladework.

Fasboo took 5 pts of damage and Gylvair 6 before they finally finished the orcs off.  And for once First Aid was useful with the Elf regaining 3 hp and Fasboo a pair of hit points.  A search of the bodies netted some 11 gp worth of coins.

But leery of more orcs coming from the south, the party retreated to the 4-way intersection outside room 45 and tried the west door.  Once again they found the room (#47) free of occupants.  It appeared to have a forge along the west wall (with a vent in the roof) . . . and the coals were still warm.

Rather than one of the other exits from the room, they decided to retreat once again and try the northern branch of the corridor.  After turning the corner, they opened the door they found only to see a group of four Bugbears, who apparently hadn't heard them (the delvers had "surprise").  They closed the door and retreated once again.

They could have exited the Underground via their newly-discovered "J" exit . . . but decided this would be expected by the Bugbears . . . so they went back through room 45 and used the south door which they thought would take them to room 3.

They were right . . . and the room was empty.  So out the south door and back to the A Entrance.  They should (once again) have left . . . but they decided to continue.  Through rooms 1 and 10 (both empty) and into room 11 . . . where they were surprised by a trio of Lizardfolk.

The scaleskins were on top of them before they could react . . . and WHAM! WHAM! . . .  Wyrdrom took a hit for 6 damage (and he only had 5) and Gylvair took 5 as well, so scratch one elf and the other was significantly injured.

Soon Taggert took 3 more hits and Gylvair was hit for the same (now down to 2 hp), then Fasboo got hit for 3 and Taggert for 6 more . . . and the party had only managed to kill one and wound one of the lizardfolk.

Taggert (who had killed his earlier) intercepted Gylvair's opponent to save him and so Gylvair finally had enough time to get off a Magic Missile about the time Fasboo killed her opponent.  But then Taggert fumbled and was hit for 3 more damage (and he was down to 1 left) so Fasboo then tried to save the fighter by attacking his scaleskin . . . and survived long enough for Taggert to recover and finish off this last Lizardman.

Taggert was down to a single hit point, Gylvair to 2 hp and Fasboo had 7 left.  First aid was applied (rolls of 4,6,5) and Fasboo threw two CLW on Taggert and one on Fasboo . . . all of which brought the party up to 9 hit points each.  Time to leave (with Wyrdrom's body and 16 more gold pieces) . . . and fortunately they met no wandering monsters as they exited through A.

 Delve Results:
  • Delver killed -- Wyrdrom by Lizardfolk in Room 12
  • Net Injured -- Taggert 9 from 13; Gylvair 9 from 13; Fashoo 9 from 13
  • 2 Zombies turned
  • 1 Shrieker killed
  • 6 Orcs killed
  • 4 Bugbears avoided
  • 3 Lizardfolk killed
  • Treasure -- 27 gp 

  • Taggert earned enough experience to reach 3rd level and now has 22 hit points
  • Fasboo earned enough experience to reach 3rd level and now has 18 hit points
  • Gylvair inherited Wyrdrom's +1 short sword and his "magic ring" (unknown but it is Fire Resistance)

-- Jeff


  1. An elf dying in a dungeon... it all seems so familiar to me somehow...

    I liked the sneaking away from the bugbears bit, though. Very wise.

  2. Yep, that was a wise choice with the bugbears. Too bad for Wyrdrom. But good that Taggert and Fasboo leveled up.

  3. Another great report. A while back you mentioned on a post of mine that I should check my camera for a loose battery cover (As I mentioned the batteries always went dead) - It turned out to be my problem so if I hold the camera with force (And add more weight to the battery cover) all works fine. Thanks for that tp !.

  4. Jacko,

    I'm very glad that that tip helped.

    -- Jeff