Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unexpected Reinforcements

When Fasboo, Gylvair and Taggert returned from their most recent Delve into the Undercity they were in for a big surprise.

Not only were they fellow delvers (Dleps, Norfaz and Ragnorf) awaiting for them in a fully-healed state . . . but so were six strangers.

Axel (innkeeper of The Laughing Owl) explained, "I hadn't mentioned it before but the Seeress also said that if or when your party fell to half or below, new delvers would arrive for the next 'bag of beans' . . . which is tonight . . . and here they are."

"We explained everything and they have all agreed to join us." added Norfaz  "Like us they all arrived here independently with nothing left in their purses and nowhere else to go."

Turning to look at the strangers who were to join them, the returning delvers saw an elf, a hobbit and four humans:
  • Bejal  -- female 2nd Level Cleric of Ra  -- AC-5; HP-13;  Staff
  • Hufnir  --  male 2nd Level Cleric of Freyr  -- AC-2; HP-14;  Mace
  • Ilona  --  female 2nd Level Elf  --  AC-3; HP-13;  Longsword
  • Miklos  --  male 2nd Level Hobbit  --  AC-5; HP-11;  Shortsword, Throwing Knives
  • Ptaro  --  male 2nd Level Magic-User  --  AC-6; HP-10;  Staff, Dagger, Darts
  • Ullara  --  female 2nd Level Fighter  --  AC-4; HP-16;  Broadsword

As usual, Axel and his daughter, Lilith, provided free food and drink to the delvers (both old and new) as they learned more about each other and began the bonding process.

All spent much time examining the maps and discussing what things they had found where . . .  until it was time to once again draw beans from the rune-encrusted bag.  Once all twelve had their hands in the bag, the familiar glow surrounded them.  Each then drew forth their hands and back beans were found in four hands.

So on the marrow newcomers Bejal and Ptaro would join Dleps and Fasboo for three days of delving into the Undercity.


( Note -- all of the new delvers have just made 2nd level . . . and, of course, have no money and no magic items. )

-- Jeff


  1. Oh, and you might not have noticed but the names of the original 12 all started with different letters . . . and the added 6 as well.

    This allows me to just use initials as I take notes of delves, which saves much time and limits confusion. . . . Yes, I know, just another little "trick" but it is a handy one.

    -- Jeff

    1. It's a very useful trick. My elves' names started out all with different first letters by chance, but when I noticed it I made a conscious decision to continue the trend. This determination was made after they picked up Aldira, so I was lucky that the random name I gave her at the very beginning didn't break the scheme. Of course, I had no idea she'd come this far.

      I look forward to seeing your new recruits in action.

  2. I suppose that I should list the religious pantheons of the Delvers . . . so here they are:


    Fasboo -- 3rd level Cleric of Athena
    Taggert -- F-3
    Gylvair -- E-3
    Ilona -- E-2
    Miklos -- H-2

    NORSE: (Agnar -- 2nd level Cleric of Odin -- blind non-delver)

    Hufnir -- 2nd level Cleric of Freyr
    Dleps -- D-3
    Ragnorf -- D-3
    Norfaz -- F-2
    Ulara -- F-2


    Bejal -- 2nd level Cleric of Ra
    Ptaro -- M-2

    Now as I play it, one of the advantages of religion is that IF you are being healed by a cleric of your religion, they roll their dice twice instead of once and take the better result . . . the thought being that a diety is more likely to take more interest in someone of their faith than of a different one.

    Anyway, there it is.

    -- Jeff