Saturday, March 1, 2014

Delve #16 -- a New Batch of Delvers

After the "Bag of Beans" was brought out for the sixth time, four new delvers held the black beans.

Today's Delvers:
  • Taggert -- male 2nd Level Fighter -- AC-4; HP-13; 2-hand sword
  • Gylvair -- male 2nd Level Elf -- AC-4; HP-13; longsword; (sleep & magic missile)
  • Fasboo -- female 2nd Level Cleric -- AC-3; HP-13; hammer; (cure light wounds)
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Level Elf -- AC-5; HP-6; +1 shortsword; (magic missile & light)

 After a brief discussion they decided to use Entrance H and to explore north of room 7. But first they need to get through that room (it contained 6 Goblins on Delve 3 and 7 Goblins on Delve 12).

This time it only housed 4 Goblins . . . and in the ensuing melee Fasboo killed two and Taggert and Gylvair one each.  Gylvair took one hp damage and Wyrdrom took two.  First aid failed but Fashoo used one of her Cure Lights to return Wyrdrom to his full 6 hit points.

Treasure was a whopping 5 gp worth of loose change (that "whopping" was sarcasm).

Proceeding north Taggert managed to trip a pit trap (which I forgot to mark on the map) and suffered 6 hp.  As usual first aid failed to help but Fasboo used a max roll on her CLW to restore him to full.

Room 40 contained 5 Skeletons . . . but when Fasboo called on Athena to turn the undead they left by the east door . . . so the party headed north where they came to a "T" intersection . . . but not until after Fasboo discovered a Cure Disease scroll behind a loose stone in a wall.

At the "T" the western path led up to the surface (now known as Entrance I) and the east passage to Room 41, which was empty.  Also empty were rooms 42 and 43 . . . but Room 44 contained 4 Hobgoblins . . . who won the initiative.

WHAM!  Gylvair was hit for 7 damage before his return blow killed the smallest of the hobgoblins.  The party dealt out some damage then WHAM! . . . both Gylvair and Fasboo took hits for 5 each . . . shortly followed by the same thing happening to Wyrdrom (leaving him with a single hp).  

After the delvers managed to finish off the remaining Hobgoblins, they tried first aid . . . and (thanks to two sixes) both Gylvair and Wyrdrom (both of whom were at a single hp) each got 3 hp back.  Fasboo also cast her final CLW on Gylvair for 6 more getting him up to 10.  Oh yeah, Taggert managed to find 8 gp on the fallen.

So it was time to head back to the surface.  They felt that using their newly found exit (I) would be quickest.  But upon reaching room 40, they found that it was occupied by a pair of Zombies (note --  wandering monsters).  Fortunately they were turned when Fasboo called upon Athena.

Delve Results:
  • Net Injuries -- Gylvair 13-3=10 left; Fasboo 13-5=8 left; Wyrdrom 6-2=4 left
  • 4 Goblins killed
  • 5 Skeletons turned
  • 4 Hobgoblins killed
  • 2 Zombies turned
  • Treasure -- 13 gp and Scroll of Cure Disease
  • Rooms Searched -- 5

-- Jeff


  1. The map is starting to get a little crowded in places, eh? Will some of the sections link up or will you spread them further apart? Anyway, a decent run this time; maybe the treasure wasn't exactly "whopping", but they did get some experience and exploration.

  2. Some of the areas will link up. I will not be moving them farther apart . . . there is still lots of unexplored area on this level (particularly in the southern part) . . . and there are already nine ways down to a lower level as well.

    -- Jeff

  3. Any delve that all the elves walk away from is, in my experience, a good one. Especially one where a cure disease scroll is found...

  4. They nearly didn't walk away. Early on in the fight with the Hobgoblins, Gylvair with 13 hp took 12 damage and Wyrdrom with 6 took 5 . . . leaving both with 1 hp in the middle of the fight . . . but fortunately Taggert and Fasboo (who was also hurt) managed to cover for them. I personally thought we might lose both and possibly Fasboo as well . . . but the dice turned the party's way.

    -- Jeff