Thursday, March 27, 2014

Updated Cast Summary

I'm sorry for the lack of posts . . . I was ill, then my wife was hospitalized for four days.  She's home now, but I've been taking care of her and have not had a chance to run another delve.

But I thought that I'd post an updated "Cast List" for you.

Current Delvers:
  • Dleps -- male 3rd level Dwarf -- AC-1; HP-29; Battle Axe
  • Fasboo -- female 3rd level Cleric of Athena -- AC-3; HP-18; Hammer
  • Bejal  -- female 2nd Level Cleric of Ra  -- AC-5; HP-13;  Staff 
  • Ptaro  -- male 2nd Level Magic-User  --  AC-6; HP-10;  Staff, Dagger, Darts
Other Living Delvers:
  • Ragnorf -- male 3rd level Dwarf -- AC-2; HP-26; Mace, Magic Dagger
  • Taggert -- male 3rd level Fighter -- AC-4; HP-22; 2-Hand Sword
  • Gylvair -- male 3rd Level Elf  -- AC-4; HP-18; Longsword, Magic Short Sword
  • Norfaz -- male 2nd Level Fighter -- AC-3; HP-22; War Hammer, Crossbow
  • Hufnir  --  male 2nd Level Cleric of Freyr  -- AC-2; HP-14;  Mace
  • Ullara  --  female 2nd Level Fighter  --  AC-4; HP-16;  Broadsword
  • Ilona  --  female 2nd Level Elf  --  AC-3; HP-13;  Longsword
  • Miklos  --  male 2nd Level Hobbit  --  AC-5; HP-11;  Shortsword, Throwing Knives
Dead Delvers:
  • Olaf  --  1st level male Fighter -- killed by Goblins on Delve 1
  • Conrad  -- 1st level male Cleric of Thor: -- killed by Goblins on Delve 3
  • Jangnar  --  1st level female Thief -- killed by Lizardfolk on Delve 4
  • Lumissa  --  1st level female Magic User -- Killed by Skeletons on Delve #13
  •  Sperl  --  2nd level female Hobbit -- killed by Orcs on Delve 15 
  •  Wyrdrom  --  1st level male Elf -- Killed by Lizardfolk on Delve 17

 -- Jeff


  1. Take care of your health and your wife. I hope you both feel better soon! The gaming can wait. (although it can be good therapy, too, if/when you're up to it)

  2. Ditto what Fitz-Badger said. Family and health come first!