Thursday, January 30, 2014

Delve #06 and Delve #07

#06 Delvers:

  • Norfaz -- male 1st Lvl Fighter -- AC - 4, HP - 11;  War Hammer, Crossbow
  • Dleps -- male 2nd Lvl Dwarf -- AC - 2, HP - 18 down from 20;  Battle Axe
  • Ragnorf -- male 1st Lvl Dwarf -- AC - 4, HP - 10; Mace

Through the prior delves, Dleps the Dwarf had acquired enough experience to make it to second level (note -- all 12 characters started The Laughing Owl quest halfway to second level) so he rolled for more hit points and got a 6 (+3 for CON) giving him a potential for 20 . . . but he still had a couple of points of damage after healing for 18 to begin the day.

 The party decided to return to the northern-most entrance (C) and to start by exploring the doorways in room 9.

The door was stuck and Dleps had to force it open . . . only to discover a rather annoyed Ogre who whacked the dwarf for some 10 points of damage!

To make a short story of a vicious fight, the party eventually bested the Ogre . . . but not before he had hit Dleps for another 7 points and Ragnorf a couple of times for a total of nine.  Norfaz didn't take any damage but did (once again) manage to fumble before he finally landed the killing blow.

However the Ogre's pouch did contain the best treasure yet from the Undercity.  Coins and jewelry worth some 300 gp plus an unknown potion and a scroll containing six 3rd level magic-user spells (2 x Clairvoyance, 1 x Dispel Magic, 1 x Fireball, and 2 x Haste).

So, with no new exploring done but a total of 26 points of damage done to them (none of which was recovered via First Aid), the party returned to The Laughing Owl.


  • two injured -- Dleps (17 damage down to 1); Ragnorf (9 damage down to 1)
  • Ogre slain -- 1
  • treasure found -- 300 gp, 1 unknown potion, scroll of 6 3rd level MU spells
  • rooms mapped -- none


Once again that evening the "bag of beans" was brought out and the nine survivors put their hands into it.  When they withdrew them, the four black beans were held by those who would continue to explore the following three mornings.

Delvers for Delve #07:
  • Fasboo -- female 1st Lvl Cleric; AC - 6; HP - 7; Hammer
  • Lumissa --female 1st Lvl Magic-User; AC - 8; HP - 5; Staff and Dagger
  • Gylvair -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC - 5; HP - 7; Longsword
  • Wyrdrom -- male 1st Lvl Elf; AC -6; HP - 6; Shortsword
By mutual consent, they decided to explore the hitherto untested Entrance D.

 They quickly came across a four-way intersection with doors to both the north and south.  They continued on to see the corridor bend to the right and then descend sharply (V).

Not wanting to go down to a lower level, they returned and tried the north door, which opened into a small room.  As they entered, five shambling undead began to move toward the party.

Fasboo called upon Athena to turn these abominations and two zombies left by the northeast door . . . leaving three.  While the two Elves were ineffective in the initial round, Lumissa struck one for 6 points of damage (taking 3 hp in return); and although Fasboo had turned two, one of the others hit her for 4 points of damage.

Rounds two and three saw both Fasboo and Lumissa destroying their zombies while the two elves continued to occupy (but not hurt) the remaining zombie until Wyrdrom finally finished it off.

Meanwhile the two ladies bandaged each other but sadly this "first aid" failed to help (two 1s were rolled) so Fasboo used her two Cure Light Wounds spells . . . one healed her back to her full 7 hp, but Lumissa only got 2 hp back to take her up to 4.

They decided not to follow the two zombies who had been turned and instead went to explore the south door.

Room 14 was empty with doors to the west and south.  As they debated which to try, three Goblins (wandering monsters) entered behind them, surprising the delvers.  Poor Fasboo took a fast 6 pts of damage and Wyrdrom took a single point of it.  He got some revenge the following round when he hit his for 6 pts (but took another 3 hits in return).  Gylvair slew one without taking a hit in return . . . then fumbled the following round.

(It sure seems to me that the Delvers fumble a lot . . . and I don't recall if any of their opponents have at all.)

Anyway Lumissa zapped one into the goblin afterlife with a magic missile and Wyrdrom finished off the last one.  First Aid did heal one point of Fasboo's damage but didn't help Wyrdrom . . . so the party decided to call it a day . . . and the Goblins carried the vast sum of some 10 gold pieces . . . not much but better than the zilch that the zombies had.

Delve 7 Results --
  • Net Injuries -- Fasboo 2 hp left; Lumissa 4 hp left; Wyrdrom 2 hp left
  • 5 Zombies overcome -- 3 killed, 2 turned
  • 3 Goblins killed
  • Treasure -- 10 gp (to be spent on 1st aid kits)
  • Rooms mapped -- 2

-- Jeff



  1. By the way, as a result of Delve #6 both Norfaz and Ragnorf made it to second level.

    -- Jeff

  2. Excellent news for Norfaz and Ragnorf !