Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Second "Bag of Beans"

A more somber group of Adventurers gathered to place hands in the "Bag of Beans" that Innkeeper Axel Dirkwood brought forth that night.  Half of the first group had died . . . and their haul of treasure could best be described as "not very much" . . . although both Taggert (scale) and Sperl (studded leather) were able to upgrade their armor a bit.

But the power of the geas held and all ten remaining Delvers found themselves placing their hands in the symbol-encrusted bag.  Once again they were surrounded by a glowing light . . . and once again, upon removing their hands four were found to be holding black beads:
  • Norfaz -- a chainmail-clad Fighter armed with War Hammer and Crossbow
  • Jangnar -- a female Thief armed with Broadsword and Darts but no armor
  • Dlelps -- a plate-clad Dwarf armed with Battle Axe
  • Ragnorf -- a chainmail-clad Dwarf armed with a Mace

So a much more heavily-armored group (excepting Jangnar) but one with no healing or magical resources would enter the Undercity in the morning.  What would become of them is yet to be determined.

-- Jeff

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  1. Hopefully the armour proves to be the difference in the next delve.