Monday, January 20, 2014

Delve #03 -- Another Death

Today's Delvers:

  • Conrad -- male Cleric lvl 1 -- AC - 7,  HP - 8,   Mace, Hammer
  • Sperl -- female Hobbit lvl 1 --  AC - 5,  HP - 6,   Short Bow, Dagger
  • Taggert -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 6,  HP - 10,   2-Hand Sword, Dagger

On the morning of the third and final day of their exploration of the Undercity . . .  (for that night all would gather to once again dip their hands into the "bag of beans" to see who would be the next to venture beneath the surface) . . . Conrad, Sperl and Taggert did not know what dangers they would endure.

They decided to return to "Entrance B" and explore the passage leading east:

At first they found a cross-corridor that ended in two doors, but chose to continue east.

That corridor then turned north and turned into a steeply sloping passage (Y) headed down . . . so they returned to the intersection.

The north passage turned east and a door.

As Taggert forced the door the group was surprised by a half-dozen unsurprised goblins (three small ones, one medium-sized and two large goblins).

Oh, and did I forget to mention the six spears hurtling their way?

Taggert took a mere scratch (1 hp); but poor Conrad took two hits (16 & 17) for a total of 6 points of damage. 

Unfortunately, as Conrad readied Cure Light Wounds prayer, the goblins won the next initiative and the Cleric of Thor took 5 more damage (on a 19), killing him before he could heal himself.

At the same time, Taggert killed one small gobbo after taking another 3 pts of damage . . . just as Sperl's arrow killed the medium-sized goblin after she took 4 points of damage from another.

The next round (won by the Party) found Taggert and Sperl both wounded and outnumbered four to two . . . so they decided to break off and flee . . . but as they did so Taggert took yet another 4 points of damage.

Fortunately (since they were down to two hit points each) they didn't run into any "wandering monsters" on their way out.

  • one dead -- Conrad killed by goblins in Room #7
  • two injured -- Taggert from 10 to 2; Sperl from 6 to 2
  • goblins slain -- 2
  • treasure found -- none
  • rooms mapped -- 1/2 (#7 not explored)

And so ended the first three-day round of delving.

I was particularly sad to see Conrad fall since he had been a favorite of mine (and the top xp earner in each of the first two delves) . . . but that is the way that the dice roll sometimes.  The goblins rolled exceptionally high and the party didn't do much.

Anyway, we shall soon have our next group of delvers and hopefully they will do better.

-- Jeff


  1. Poor Conrad! Getting attached to 1st level D&D/LL/LotFP/&c. characters seems to usually end in tears. Have you thought of using some sort of Fate/Luck Points system to avoid certain death?

  2. In the social games that I GM I allow each character to start with 9 Luck. A point of Luck may be used any time a player wants to either re-roll one of his/her die rolls OR to have me re-roll one of mine.

    But each time they use Luck it lowers by one . . . and there is never any chance of regaining lost Luck . . . so they quickly learn to use Luck pretty much only in life-or-death situations.

    However for this project I've decided to play it "straight" . . . I don't have to be concerned about my players becoming attached to their characters. Yes, Conrad's death saddened me but I'm playing that the dice rule . . . so he's gone.

    Indeed I just finished playing Delve 2a (with a new group of delvers) and we not only had a death in the party, but were very close to having three! I'll try to get this delve posted in a day or two.

    -- Jeff