Saturday, January 25, 2014

Delve #04

Today's Delvers:
  • Norfaz -- male Fighter lvl 1 -- AC - 4, HP - 11;  War Hammer, Crossbow
  • Jangnar -- female Thief lvl 1 --  AC - 7, HP - 6;  Broadsword, Darts
  • Dleps -- male Dwarf lvl 1 -- AC - 2, HP - 11;  Battle Axe
  • Ragnorf -- male Dwarf lvl 1 -- AC - 4, HP - 10; Mace

They had previously decided to try to investigate "Entrance C" and to concentrate on corridors at least for a while.

They came to a four-way intersection with three doors.  At first the tried the western door, but closed it after seeing it (W) descend rather steeply.

Then they tried the eastern door which came to another 4-way . . . with another way down (X), one level and one leading up.

The one going up ended with some loose rubble, which when cleared would became "Entrance E".

They then began exploring corridors (and not opening any doors).  Jangnar's ten-foot pole triggered a pit trap in a corridor which lead to "Entrance F" once more rubble had been cleared.

Amazingly not one "wandering monster" was to appear during all of their exploration . . . so they will probably appear in droves sometime soon.  Anyway after exploring more corridors they decided to backtrack and open some of the doors close to easy exits.

So they listened at the door to Room 8 and heard nothing.  Jangnar did not detect any traps then successfully picked the lock.  There was a large fountain in the center of the room and 5 skeletons who attacked immediately.  These were easily defeated, with Norfaz slaying two and each of the other delvers, one each . . . with only Jangmar taking any damage (and that only a single point).

The room seemed to be bare without any more doors.  The fountain featured a statue of a woman and the water was very clear . . . so they could see coins lying on the bottom of the fountain's pond . . . a whopping 27 silver pieces . . . *sigh*.

Next they opened (well broke down) a door to Room 9.  Unfortunately it had inhabitants . . . five lizardfolk, but the party had initiative and attacked.  Jangmar killed one quickly just as Norfaz and Ragnorf wounded a couple of others, while poor Dleps was the only one who failed to hit.

But Dleps was also the only one who wasn't injured by the lizardfolks' return strikes as Norfaz took 5 points of damage; Ragnorf, 2; and Jangnar, 3 . . . leaving her with only 2 remaining hp.

The delvers won the next initiative and all except Norfaz dealt some severe damage to the scaleskins . . . but then disaster.  Norfaz suffered another 5 pts (leaving him with only one); and then Jangnar's opponent rolled a 20 and the resulting 11 pts of damage killed the girl.

As the fight continued, Norfaz continued to block his opponents and eventually killed him.  Dleps offed another and then the one about to slay Ragnorf after that Dwarf had taken 7 more hp of damage then fumbled and fallen flat at the foot of his opponent, losing his mace as well.

So when the dust settled, Jangnar was dead; Norfaz and Ragnorf were each reduced to a single hp and Dleps was unscathed.  A quick search of the bodies returned a total of 29 gp . . . and the party then fled the dungeon.


  • one dead -- Jangnar killed by Lizardfolk in Room #9
  • two injured -- Norfaz from 11 down to 1; Ragnorf from 10 down to 1
  • Skeletons slain -- 5
  • Lizardfolk slain -- 5
  • treasure found -- 29 gp, 27 sp
  • rooms mapped -- 2 

Upon returning to The Laughing Owl, Fasboo cast a Cure Light Wounds on each of the two wounded . . . rolling "7" each time . . . so Norfaz goes to bed with 8 of his 11 hp & Ragnorf with 8 of his 10 hp . . . and each should gain another back overnight leaving them with 9 each for the next day's delve.

-- Jeff


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